Alice No Longer Looking Thru The Meth Glass

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January 1, 2017
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November 7, 2017
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Alice No Longer Looking Thru The Meth Glass

Heather Ogburn: Active Addiction Mugshot April 22, 2011- Top Left, Rehab Intake May 4, 2011- Bottom Left, RECOVERY 2017- Right Side

What now may have seemed to be a blink of an eye that my life came crashing down all around me, it’s a strong memory as to what it used to be like and where I came from. Let me take you back to the life changing event that changed everything.

After struggling with addiction for 16 years, (it began when I was 11yrs. old) I was to the point I was desperate for change. I tried quitting many times before on my own and never seemed to understand the full extent of my problem. There was no drug or drink strong enough to numb the pain and fear I lived with. Pain Killers, Benzos, Cocaine, Meth, Alcohol, you name it, I wanted it. My addiction was rapidly progressing and I knew the next drug of choice would put me six feet under. I begged and pleaded for God to take me out of “this” life one way or the other. I knew I could not continue on this path of destruction. Not even recognizing myself in the mirror, I lost who I was.

After being awake for a week and half straight, I thought “one more run”. I had to have my perfect cocktail of substances (Cocaine, Meth, and Rum) to feel right. God had other plans for me.  That night I blacked out going 70mph and totaled my truck. That night I never made it to the dope dealer. That night I survived and landed in jail. Now not only was I fighting for my life, I was fighting for my freedom.

This was the blessing in disguise I needed. I was released yet not done. I went back to the only thing I knew and I was absolutely baffled. “How could I?” By the grace of God, I had an amazing lawyer and supportive family who sent me to treatment. It was either thirty days or twenty years. It was up to me to change.

Treatment saved my life! I learned other coping skills to live life on life’s terms without self-medicating. I worked the 12 steps that taught me amazing life principles to live by and to trust my higher power who I choose to call God. I received therapy for the past trauma I had experienced my whole life. I was finally able to process life in a healthy way and not play victim anymore. I had to become willing to go to any lengths for my recovery and begin on the path to freedom. I fought my way to recovery and out of the depths of addiction, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day- one moment at a time. The life I live today is but a dream come true.

After years of witnessing lives being crushed, and lost due to addiction, I asked one simple question: “What can I do to make a difference?”  People all around me were dying or ending up in prison- still sick and suffering. Why was the relapse rate so high? What can be done to grab their attention and empower them to change.  And this is how Serenity Light Recovery began.

I pushed past all the doubts and crazy looks and embarked on this amazing journey to save lives. Seeking and searching for the perfect place to recover from a hopeless state of mind, I found the old Whistler Bed & Breakfast through my dear realtor friend. At 11:11 at night, I received the message that guided me to the place I needed to be, on October 3rd 2014. Without hesitation, I grabbed my father and best friend to take this Leap of Faith with me. As we approached the old country gate and took a deep breath; We knew with all our might, this was it! Dreams were about to come true. As we drove down the bumpy path, the vision was so clear and smooth. I wanted to create something that hasn’t been done before. Something that will encourage and empower people to change. Something different that will save lives.

After a little over 2 years of planning, designing, and developing with an incredible God-given team, Serenity Light Recovery opened its doors officially January 30, 2017. On our second day, we welcomed our first two clients.

Serenity Light Recovery is designed to be a place of healing without feeling like a hospital or institution. It is surrounded by peace and serenity and filled with love and passion. We provide true individualized care with an integrative holistic approach. Our focus is to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Understanding that not one program fits all, we offer an array of services and activities on an all-inclusive campus with multiple levels of care.  We have a different and innovative way of looking at treatment. The purpose is to empower individuals to change. Teach them the meaning of life. Give them hope to live again. This is an opportunity to improve your quality of life without the use of drugs and alcohol. It’s a journey in which you decide to take and you are guided along the way. Recovery is a reward not a punishment!!!!!! It is time to experience the time of your life!

It’s amazing what recovery can do, give yourself a chance!! We will believe in you until you believe in yourself. It’s never too late to change.