Client Testimonials

We treat our clients like family. We´ll let their experiences speak for themselves in the testimonials below.



I had an amazing experience at Serenity Light Recovery. I was having a really hard time dealing with things on my own and Serenity Light helped point me in the right direction. The rooms were very comfortable, the food was amazing, and the education and groups were really helpful. The staff absolutely cares and will take great care of you. I’m sad to leave but excited to start my new journey. Thank you Serenity Light!

– Rip C.


If you have co-occurring disorders this is the place to be. This was my second rehab and was a much better experience. I went to a large rehab center before and felt like another number and packed like sardines in the classes. I’m pretty sure they have more staff than patients which meant for me they were able to dig into the underlying issues. They treated my “why” and I can’t be more appreciative. I came in so angry and am leaving 100x lighter. I CAN NOT recommend this place enough. If you need life change SLR is the treatment center you need. Oh and everyone from the chefs (I called them the food goddesses) to the spiritual leaders/yoga instructors to the coaches/counselors are great. Tell them Brandon said HI!

– Brandon


This treatment facility is the best in the state. Since day 1 I have been treated and taken care of very well. The program has met more of my needs then I even knew about when I got here. Each and every treatment plan is made specifically for you and is not generalized to fit all. The staff is welcoming and truly caring for everyone. They also keep you busy with activities, workouts, yoga, meditations, and much more. The spiritual program they provide is rock solid and will have you wanting to grow your relationship with your higher power as you understand. I will highly recommend anyone in need of help with addiction or alcoholism to come here to Serenity Light Recovery.

-Brice G.


It’s simply amazing! Not only do they help you there bit when you discharge. Heather is great to give your advice to and Debbie will take care of all your medical needs. Theresa is an AMAZING life coach! I would trust my whole life in her hands! And can’t forget Peanut (Mr. Do it all) and both our Bo’s. Motorcycle and Buff Bo! And Meechie! All of all make the world go around! Wish I could stay and love there forever!

-Natalie W.


Serenity Light Recovery is a life-changing experience. If you are struggling with addiction, make sure to consider this facility. It is absolutely beautiful, the accommodations are outstanding, and the staff are top-notch. Many are in recovery, which builds a special understanding and trust between clients and recovery personnel. You will get as much out of this program as you are willing. I came in wanting to change myself for the benefit of my family, but left with so much more. I am re-purposed in life, and have a new beginning…a chance to live the life I missed through addiction, and I genuinely wish to pay it forward. Our recovery is critical, and every soul recovered has a grander purpose – a purpose you will understand if you make the most of the curriculum. I humbly and wholeheartedly thank the amazing gifts Serenity Light offers to struggling and hurting people. Don’t waste any more time – YOU ARE THE LIGHT!

– W. P.

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