IASIS Neurofeedback

IASIS is a relatively new therapy that uses low-impulse electrical stimulation to the brain. While it was originally developed to help people with psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression, the University of Texas had such success with IASIS that it is now being used to promote abstinence-based sobriety without relapse in active opioid users.

IASIS allows the brain to begin endorphin production again after years of opioid or drug use, and is geared toward reducing the need for other non-opioid prescription medications used for depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, TBI, or other behavioral health issues. Since it improves cognitive function, it can be used in combination with many other types of therapies.

During an IASIS treatment session, a client will sit in a chair while the health provider attaches leads to the client’s head. The client will feel nothing and can sit comfortably in the chair, talking to the provider while the provider uses Micro Current Neurofeedback to produce measurable changes in brain waves with no perceptible effects from the client. The result is a changed brain wave state with a much improved ability for the brain to regulate itself. IASIS treatments produce quick and noticeable results in only one to three sessions, and it has proven benefits in significantly reducing cravings while improving general healing and wellness. It’s cost effective, safe, and can help lead to long-term recovery and lasting sobriety.

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