Faith-Based Program

Our Faith-Based Program

We want you to feel supported and comforted while you’re at Serenity Light Recovery, which is why our rehab program includes an optional faith-based track with scripture- and faith-based recovery groups. These groups are designed to assist our clients who want to focus on their belief in God’s grace in order to conquer addiction.

Our clients have the option to explore their faith and build a stronger relationship with God during recovery through various ministries and classes, such as:

– Enhancing Spirituality classes —participants study the lives of those who have had life-changing spiritual experiences while exploring the body, soul, and spirit connection

– 3rd Step Freedom Ministry — this faith-based prayer ministry, developed by our spiritual director, is aimed at healing and transforming negative beliefs about God, others, and self through praying on the biblical principles of the 12 Steps

Meditation classes that focus on topics like gratitude, self-forgiveness, contemplation, reflection, mindfulness, visualization, and staying in constant connection with God

– Spiritual life coaching

Celebrate Recovery (as an outside meeting opportunity)

– 12 Step Life Recovery Bible study group — this group meets weekly to study recovery principles through the lens of scripture

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