Family Program

Addiction doesn’t just

hurt the addict.

It hurts everyone around them, especially family. When a loved one enters rehab, family members may feel relief; however, recovery and healing take time. Serenity Light Recovery offers an intensive three-day family program, which assists a client’s family and support system in learning more about the disease of addiction as well as the symptomatology, education, coping skills, and other topics that help your family gain a better understanding of treatment. Research shows that substance abuse treatment that includes an addict’s family is more effective than treatment where the support system is not involved.

Benefits include increased focus during treatment, a significant decrease in the desire to abuse substances, improved social functioning both inside and outside of the family unit, and a lower chance of relapse.

Family therapy

Facts & stats

After family therapy treatment, 90% of patients saw an increase in their mental health while ⅔ saw an increase in physical health.

 Children in family therapy built a better relationship with their parents in almost 74% of cases. These same children also saw a significant improvement in their academic performance.

People who were happy with their family therapist saw improvements in work productivity, emotional health, family relationships, and social life.

It is estimated that one in five American adults grew up with an alcoholic parent. Children of alcoholics are four times more likely to become alcoholics themselves.


Who is allowed in family therapy?

We define the concept of “family” broadly at Serenity Light Recovery. During therapy, the choice of whom to include is up to the client, and may include spouses/partners, children, parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, cousins, stepfamily members, foster family members, friends, colleagues, mentors, or anyone else the client considers a supportive ally.

What are the goals of family therapy?

At Serenity Light Recovery, the goals of our family program are to:

  • Educate the family regarding addiction, relapse prevention, how it affects the family system, healthy boundaries, enabling, and codependency, as well as different support programs available that can assist your loved one and family in the recovery process
  • Identify and put into practice consistent methods of supporting vs. enabling someone who is struggling with addiction and how to support the loved one’s efforts to attain and maintain a life of sobriety 
  • Improve the family’s coping skills to manage the emotional and behavioral responses to addiction within the family system
  • Provide social and emotional family support and allow the family to interact with other families struggling with addiction in their dynamic
  • Offer a welcoming environment that encourages healing, compassion, and communication for the family and loved ones
  • Repair the family structure so that all members may thrive within it

What to know before attending family therapy

If you are a family member of a client interested in attending family therapy, please download the pre-attendance reflection questionnaire and email to prior to attending therapy.

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