What is aftercare?

Aftercare is a broad term for services and activities that clients have available to them to help maintain sobriety after discharge from a treatment program. Serenity Light Recovery has developed an aftercare program for all clients who successfully complete treatment. The program consists of a weekly group meeting in order to connect with others at sober events and activities. Developing long-lasting relationships with others on a similar path to recovery assists in accountability and a healthy support system.

Why do I need aftercare?

Maintaining your lifelong journey of recovery is more sustainable when you have a connection with others who are walking similar paths. Once you’ve completed treatment, it’s vital that you take steps to maintain sobriety by taking advantage of our aftercare program. Statistics show that almost half of people who enter rehab will relapse within their first 90 days of completing the program, and two-thirds of people relapse within the first few weeks of completing treatment. Aftercare helps to build your community and ensure a solid transition to a sober life. Putting the lessons learned in treatment and having others to keep you accountable is paramount to maintaining sobriety and emotional wellbeing.


What types of aftercare

treatment are offered?

We offer several types of aftercare treatment at Serenity Light Recovery, depending on your unique needs. The main goal of aftercare is to develop and implement relapse prevention strategies with emotional development, goal setting, stress management, and life skills management (employment, financial, and family needs). You’ll discover healthy outlets, activities, and social skills to help you along your journey.

  • Scheduled aftercare group — this is a formal group led by a recovery coach on Saturdays
  • Recovery coaching
  • Sober living home referrals
  • IOP

Recovery Coaches &

Alumni Program

When you first step onto Serenity Light Recovery’s campus, you will be assigned a recovery coach — someone who will be by your side every step of the way during recovery and who will continue to provide support for up to a year after successful completion of rehab. A recovery coach serves as a motivator and cheerleader, ally and confidant, truth-teller, problem-solver, resource-getter, advocate, and lifestyle consultant. They will help you with your orientation and introduction to SLR, introduce you to your primary counselor, aid in treatment planning, host sessions for goal setting, help you create a wellness plan that fits your needs, and be a loving guide to help you get reestablished in your new life goals once you’ve completed rehab.

After you successfully complete treatment at Serenity, you will become a member of our alumni program for life and are eligible to attend weekly alumni meetings. In addition, your recovery coach will continue to offer you support and guidance for up to one year, which includes how to schedule, plan, and organize your life in the recovery phase while learning how to navigate common barriers back in the real world.

Discharge planning

At Serenity Light Recovery, we begin planning for your success in
recovery the day you step on our campus. We work with you to
ensure that a coordinated, individualized plan with scheduled
appointments that meet your specific needs is in place prior to
discharge. This may include:

  • Sober living facility tours
  • IOP recommendations
  • Referrals to therapists, psychiatrists, PCPs, and/or other medical specialists 
  • Identifying recovery meetings that are local to you
  • Support in finding 12-Step sponsorship
  • Follow-up calls with your recovery coach

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