Equine Therapy

What is equine therapy?

Through our equine therapy program (also known as horse therapy or equine-assisted psychotherapy), you will interact with horses and participate in various activities including feeding, grooming, haltering, and leading, all under the supervision of both a mental health professional and a horse handler. While the handler ensures the safety of both you and the horse, the mental health professional will observe how you interact with the animal. Their observations help them identify how you process your feelings and thoughts while also looking for possible patterns in behavior, and can be used in future psychotherapy sessions as a tool to make sure that you are receiving individualized care.

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What are the goals of equine therapy?

The main goal of horse therapy is to hone skills that will help you in your recovery journey after you leave treatment. These can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Self-control
  • Responsibility
  • Problem solving
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Dedication


Long-term success in recovery is the ultimate goal, and equine therapy is one of many holistic approaches to aiding you on your recovery path.

What are the benefits of equine therapy?

All types of therapy provide benefits, but equine therapy is especially unique. Because of a horse’s calm and relaxed temperament, we find that our clients often feel more at ease and open with their emotions when they’re interacting with the animals. Working with horses can help both clients and their therapists identify the root cause of negative behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that lead to addiction. Improvements in the following areas are common:

  • Independence
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Emotional awareness
  • Social responsibility
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-actualization


Oftentimes, speaking in a group therapy setting or with a therapist causes stress or anxiety, and fear of judgment or criticism can prevent clients from truly opening up. With equine therapy, those roadblocks are removed, and clients feel much more relaxed and open to talking to both their peers and their therapists after spending time with the horses.

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