Drug and alcohol addiction, as well as mental health disorders, change relationships. In many situations, codependency occurs. This is a condition in which a person becomes “addicted” to a relationship and is unable to recognize it is a one-sided and sometimes abusive situation. At Serenity Light Recovery, our team can help you to see the signs of codependency so you can take the right steps to find treatment and support.

Understanding the Signs of Codependency

Codependency is a type of psychological state in which an unhealthy relationship exists between two people. You may share this type of relationship with someone that is very close to you. While substance abuse can occur in families that struggle with codependency, it can also occur in other types of dysfunctional relationships. Those who are codependent have a preoccupation with and an extreme dependence on another person for their emotional, social, and even physical needs.

Learn more about the signs of codependency to find out if this could be happening on your life.

1. Low Self-Esteem

A person who is codependent on another person relies on that person for their self-esteem and self-worth. Without them, they feel as though they are nothing. Often, they will experience intense feelings of low self-esteem when they cannot be around or are supported by this person.

2. Mental Health Disorders

Many times the signs of codependency play out in the form of mental health challenges. These may include depression, anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder. Those who have these conditions, untreated, may be more likely to be in codependent relationships.

3. Poor Boundaries

Many people in this type of situation have a very hard time saying no to the other person. They do what they ask and how they ask without really questioning it, even though they know it may not be the best or safest decision. They also have poor boundaries, which means they do not draw the line in what is okay and what is not.

Relationship-Dependent Feelings

Some people feel like they need everyone to like them. Other people need to just be in a relationship. They may simply need to be in this relationship because it is the only thing that defines them. From the outside, this is often far from true, but codependency often masks what’s really happening. These individuals feel the need to take care of someone else, and, without it, they have no control.

A Need for Control

Another of the signs of codependency focuses on the need for control. A person who struggles with codependency needs to know everything about a situation. They have to understand what they can do to control it, especially within relationships. They need to have some control over others to feel worthy and to provide the care they think is critical.

What Can You Do in This Situation?

For those struggling with the signs of codependency, especially if your loved one struggles with drugs and alcohol, it’s time to get help. Our team can provide that support for you, including through individual and family therapy. We offer a treatment program that’s right for those with addiction, including care such as:

In addition to this, we also offer a family program. It is designed to help you to address codependency and what it may be doing to you and your relationships. Learn more about the level of care we offer to all members of the family.

Find the Way Forward at Serenity Light Recovery

Do you recognize the signs of codependency? Is it time to get your loved one help and perhaps some family therapy as well? Our team at Serenity Light Recovery has the tools and resources to support you. Reach out for immediate help by calling (281) 431-6700 today.