With such a laser focus on addiction and its effects on society as a whole, and those individuals it affects, it raises questions about having an addictive personality. Not everyone who becomes addicted to drugs and/or alcohol shares the same personality traits, but there are often some similarities among those who do.

What Traits Does An Addictive Personality Have?

There is the perception that those people who struggle with substance use disorder are social outcasts who have a criminal streak. However, this image is far from being accurate. Ask the thousands of families who have seen their loved ones struggle in spite of having access to money, support, and tons of other resources.

That being said, there are some traits that can make it more likely for a person to become addicted. This doesn’t mean that everyone who possesses these traits has an addictive personality though. It simply indicates that you should be aware of them. After all, information and knowledge are the key elements in helping those you love.

Relatives who have an addiction

There is a strong genetic correlation with addiction. While having a close relative with an addiction doesn’t mean that developing an addiction is inevitable, it is something that you should be aware of. By having a close family member who is struggling with an addiction, you might also have an addictive personality as well.

Presence of mental health disorders

Many people who struggle with alcohol and/or drug addiction also have a mental health disorder. Having mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) could mean that you try different coping skills to deal with it.

Mental health disorders are frequently untreated for a variety of reasons. This could be something as simple as not having access to the treatment needed or as complex as being unable to overcome the social stigma of the disorder. Regardless of why that particular mental health disorder is untreated, many people turn to drugs and/or alcohol to try to stave off its effects.

Risk-Taking Behavior

Being an adventurous risk-taker can lead to fun and exciting times. In fact, it’s safe to say that many explorers have this type of personality. That same spark is often alongside having little impulse control.

This combination can result in a person who feeds on living life on the edge. In order to continue that euphoric feeling, they might turn to drugs and/or alcohol. Some studies have shown a link between dopamine levels and the brain’s reaction to it as reasons for this correlation.

Difficult social relationships

There is research to suggest that those people who have risk-taking behaviors and who also develop addiction are often males. Females, on the other hand, who are cautious and have a challenging time with social relationships might also suffer from anxiety and/or depression. This can lead them to turn to addictive substances in an effort to cope with these stresses.

Using drugs and/or alcohol can help those who have difficult social relationships dull the pain, loneliness, depression, disconnection, and anxiety these interactions might cause. Over time, this dependence on these addictive substances can lead to tolerance and addiction.

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As mentioned previously, just because you, or a loved one, have some above signs of an addictive personality, doesn’t mean that you’re going to develop an addiction. However, if you are concerned about your behavior, Serenity Light Recovery is here to help.

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