College is different for every student. There is so much to do and accomplish, but there are also many times when the pressure becomes too much. When it comes to students and drug abuse, many people think of parties and getting high in dorms. However, drug abuse, such as Adderall abuse, is sometimes more common and widespread. If you are using these study drugs to help you, it’s time to get help from Serenity Light Recovery.

College Students and Drug Abuse

Some parents are under the impression that their son or daughter would never use drugs. Many would not, but those who are in need of help to get through their school work or to achieve their very best grades may be at risk for doing just that. Drug abuse can happen to any college student, and drug abuse like this may be more common than you think.

In many situations, a student wants to simply do his or her best. They do this by turning to drugs like Adderall, which work to limit the amount of sleep a person needs and improves focus. These drugs, which are very addictive, can also help some students to remain socially engaged while also enjoying their lives on school campuses.

Is Adderall Abuse Happening to Your Child?

Adderall abuse, as well as other types of stimulant or ADHD medication, can be hard to spot especially when you see your son or daughter maintaining good grades and seeming to be in a good mood. These drugs are creating that type of outcome. They are allowing the child to do more, but at a severe cost to their health and wellbeing.

You may notice this type of drug abuse when your son or daughter asks for a prescription medication or needs a significant amount of money at school. While some have legitimate Adderall prescriptions, other students buy them on or off campus. Adderall abuse can create jittery, high-energy, and intense mood swings. It also creates drug addiction.

What to Do About Students and Drug Abuse

You probably don’t want your son or daughter to be kicked off campus for drug abuse. Yet, you know they need help. Because of how important it is to overcome Adderall abuse, it’s best to seek out treatment from a program that specializes in treating those in schools. Our team at Serenity Light Recovery can help your son or daughter to get back to school and to overcome their addiction.

We offer treatment programs that can provide a wide range of resources and support for your son or daughter. This includes:

If you notice your college student isn’t acting like themselves or is facing hardships with drug abuse of any type, now is the best time to get them help.

Explore Treatment for Students and Drug Abuse at Serenity Light Recovery

Students and drug abuse may seem to go hand-in-hand, but you don’t have to be a victim of drug abuse. If you are using any type of drug to help you at school, you may be at risk of addiction. Adderall abuse is just one example. At Serenity Light Recovery, our team is here to help you achieve your best outcome, and that means help for your addiction. Call (281) 431-6700 for the support you need.