There are many dangerous drugs available today, and many of them are given as prescriptions by doctors who at one point did not realize how easily a patient could become addicted to them. Unfortunately, these prescriptions resulted in substance abuse issues for many. These addictive substances have serious side effects as well. For anyone struggling with the side effects of fentanyl or similar drugs, getting help from Serenity Light Recovery is the first step. By reaching out to our team, you’re taking control of your health and your future and choosing a path that can lead to a clean and sober life you can feel good about. There’s no reason to continue to struggle with addiction when there are options to be healthy and whole again.

Understanding the Side Effects of Fentanyl

There are many side effects of fentanyl. Although some are dangerous, others are mild and go away quickly. They might not pose danger or put the person taking it at risk of harm. One of the most common side effects is drowsiness, so it’s recommended that you don’t drive until you see how fentanyl affects you. If you’re using this substance in patch form, it can also irritate the skin where the patch is applied. But those aren’t the only issues this drug can cause. As a treatment for chronic pain in people who are tolerant of opioids, the chance of a fentanyl addiction is real and has to be considered. In addition to a fentanyl addiction, other dangerous side effects could include:

If these side effects don’t go away after a week or two, or they become severe or get worse over time, it’s usually important to call a doctor for an evaluation. But the biggest danger of using this drug is the fentanyl addiction that can result from it. The side effects of fentanyl shouldn’t be ignored, and if you’re finding that you need to use more and more of it to get pain relief, then addiction could be the issue. Talking to us about how to break free of addiction and the side effects of fentanyl can help you get started on the road to a strong and lasting recovery you can feel good about. That’s a great way to get the support and help you need, in order to make moving forward into a quality future easier to accomplish.

Choosing a Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Program That’s Right for Your Needs

If you’re ready to break free from the dangerous side effects of fentanyl and get back to a clean and sober life that’s not ruled by addiction, we’re here to help. Through a medical detox, residential and outpatient programs, family therapy, and more, we can help you succeed in breaking the cycle of addiction. As you work towards a brighter future, we’ll be here to make sure you’re getting the level of guidance and support that can help make that future possible. An addiction to fentanyl and the side effects it creates is a very real problem, but we have real solutions that you can use to move forward in life and live a healthier tomorrow.

Break Your Addiction Today at Serenity Light Recovery

Don’t let addiction cause any more harm to your health or relationships. It’s possible to overcome these struggles and live a better life if you reach out for help. Contact Serenity Light Recovery at (281) 431-6700 today, and we’ll do all we can to help put you on the road to a lasting recovery. Whether you’re seeking help for a loved one or for yourself, we’re committed to helping you every step of the way.