Today we’d like to introduce Corey Schulz! Corey is our Spiritual Director here at SLR. He is an ordained Minister of the Gospel, a Recovery Coach, Christian Life Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist. Corey also developed our 3rd Step Freedom Ministry which is aimed at healing and transforming negative beliefs about God, others, and self by actively praying through the biblical principles of 12 Steps. His personal journey of recovery, powered by his whole-hearted love for Jesus, inspires a lifelong passion for spiritual healing and transformation in those struggling with addiction.

1. What drives you to show up every day?

Every day is different and wonderfully unique in and of itself, but I would say overall my driving force is the overwhelming joy of seeing lives transform, clients come in one way and leave another, destinies restored, hearts healed, faith awakened, families touched, and those we care for empowered to live a life free from addiction. There’s a lot of care, compassion, faith, and emotional energy I put into my work. I’m an intuitive feeler by nature so if I don’t practice self-care it can be easy to carry the burdens and pain of my clients which usually results in burn out BUT one thing I’ve noticed is that when a client I’ve been working with gets a breakthrough it’s like high octane fuel for me! Their breakthrough becomes my breakthrough, it’s the most rewarding fulfilling thing ever! I live and thrive seeing humanity radically touched and transformed by the love of God!

2. What’s your favorite thing about working at SLR?

I would have to say a combination of Serenity’s work environment and the amazing team I get to work with! Serenity’s work culture and environment is like no other! The people I work with are absolutely phenomenal. We truly are a family. It’s totally the grace and goodness of God that could do such a thing and build such a team! I’m a blessed man to be a part of it. When you’re surrounded with a great team it takes your individual skills and gifts to another level.

3. What’s your advice for someone contemplating a major life decision. (i.e. getting sober/going to treatment)?

I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to do things all on their own. There’s only so much one person can see, do, or understand. There’s only so much insight one individual can have. We all have blind spots in life. So I would say before making any major life decisions seek the help, advice, and mentorship of those that are able to see what you don’t see. Open your heart and mind to receive help, care, and advice from those who have danced with the darkness you are dealing with and have successfully come out on the other side of it. We are all created and designed for connection and community. The majority of the time God places the answers, help, and strength you need in others (community).

Alone we will only get so far in life. As individuals we will only achieve so much, but together we can conquer, overcome, achieve, and heal from just about anything. If you’re not getting the results you want you’ve got to do something different. Trust that getting help may be the best decision you’ll ever make!

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