It’s natural to wonder how long does drug detox last when you’re thinking about getting clean. In fact, you may have tried to get clean and sober in the past but weren’t able to deal with the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. The good news about detox is that the most intense symptoms you’ll feel don’t last long at all.

Why Detox Is Necessary

As uncomfortable as detox is, it’s a necessary part of overcoming addiction. Your body must get rid of addictive substances as part of the healing process. You simply can’t hope to have a meaningful recovery if any drug and alcohol abuse is still going on.

Detox is actually the shortest part of recovery. In addition, yours doesn’t have to be excruciating if your rehab facility provides medication-assisted detox that eases the worst of your symptoms.

Should you try and detox at home? In most cases, it isn’t recommended to attempt at-home detox. It can be extremely dangerous, especially for anyone with a long-term and severe addiction. For your safety and security, it’s best to go through detox in a qualified facility where professionals can monitor you around the clock.

How Long Does Drug Detox Last, and What Can You Expect?

So, how long does drug detox last? Typically, the entire process lasts from seven to 10 days. However, the most intense symptoms come early in detox, around the second and third days.

Common withdrawal symptoms you may experience while going through detox include:

The higher your drug and alcohol usage, the more intense withdrawal may be. Although your body can remove the substance in a week or so, it’s common to have cravings for a long after. That’s why addiction rehab is so important.

Detox is an essential first step, but it’s not the only one. Effective addiction treatment gets to the underlying issues that feed into substance abuse. It also gives people better coping skills they can use for life.

Once you know how long does drug detox last and what to expect from it, you’ll probably feel less anxious and more ready to make the leap toward complete health and healing.

If you’re looking for drug alcohol detox programs Houston provides, there’s a beacon of hope and light waiting for you nearby.

Hope, Light, and Healing

Serenity Light Recovery is an addiction treatment center in Angleton, Texas. We’re an ideal facility for those who need Houston drug detox, as we’re just an hour away on a peaceful, 10-acre campus.

The programs we offer include:

Detox is not an easy progress. It is the beginning of your journey to a cleaner life. At Serenity Light, we want to ensure your treatment works and lasts. It is important to not lose focus of the end goals when going through recovery. We will make sure you stay on the right track from start to finish.

Healing and long-term recovery are within your reach, and we’ll help you get there. The caring and compassionate team at Serenity Light Recovery welcomes those from the Greater Houston area and beyond. Call us today at (281) 431-6700 to find out more.