Heroin hooks people quickly. Many don’t realize that it happened until they deal with the anxiety, depression, and intense cramping that signal withdrawal. If this describes you, there’s hope in rehab. How long does heroin withdrawal last, and how can you start the process?

Understanding the Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

Before entering heroin addiction treatment, you need to stop any heroin use. The first hints of withdrawal begin at the six to eight-hour mark. It’s been this long since you last used. Your body flushed the heroin out of its system.

Similarly, its metabolites are also decreasing in your system. There’s a growing sense of agitation and depression. You feel restless. Besides that, you’re continually yawning and wiping a runny nose.

How long does heroin withdrawal last at this point? If you try to quit cold turkey at home, you might be in for a rough three days. Usually, people give up. The pain’s too great.

How Long Does Heroin Withdrawal Last at a Detox Facility?

Medical detoxification takes place at a rehab center. Therapists check you in and help you throughout the process. Possible interventions include:

How long does heroin withdrawal last in this setting? Typically, it takes about a week to begin and finish heroin detoxification. You have an excellent chance of success and avoiding the early relapse. However, there’s still more to do.

Enter Rehab to Deal with the Psychological Aspect of Dependency

Quitting treatment at this point is tempting. You feel great. However, you still have to deal with the stressors and triggers that caused you to reach for the drug. If you don’t, you might revert to heroin use when stressors become too strong.

A good option is to work with a detox facility that offers rehab on the same campus. Taking this step enables you to transition to rehab as soon as you’re ready. Moreover, it makes you feel comfortable because you already know the therapists and doctors you work with.

Long-term recovery isn’t a sprint. You might take between 30 and 90 days to heal from chemical dependency on heroin. In this process, you learn about healthy coping skills. Similarly, you hone your social skills.

Working with loved ones assists with shaping healthy communication patterns. Little by little, you remove the many triggers that could lead to relapse. Of course, before you can get to this point, you need to quit the heroin use first.

Get Help At Serenity Light Recovery

How long does heroin withdrawal last when you undergo the substance abuse treatment Houston trusts? Serenity Light Recovery detox may only take about a week. But detox is only the beginning of recovery. We offer a number of therapy programs for those looking to heal after addiction. These programs include:

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