Answering the question of how long is inpatient drug rehab is as complex as the disease of substance use disorder itself. Just like no two people have the exact same circumstances and take the exact same path to their current status, there is no one answer when it comes to determining how long treatment will last.

Some Generalizations Regarding How Long Is Inpatient Drug Rehab

In general, the longer that a person is in drug rehab, the better. Just like you likely didn’t move from substance user to someone who is addicted overnight, it’s important to remember that your recovery won’t be something that is instantaneous either.

When taking everyone’s lengths of rehab and totaling them together, the average is four days in detox, followed by 16 days of hospital residential treatment, and 90 days of long-term residential treatment. This is wrapped up with 130 days of outpatient treatment. Of course, these figures don’t take into account aftercare and alumni services — both of which high-quality treatment centers provide for their clients.

How Long Is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Determining how long is inpatient drug rehab is something that varies and depends on the individual. Every person is different so applying a blanket statement and saying that everyone needs a certain number of days or weeks of inpatient drug rehab is simply doing a disservice to those who are struggling.

That being said, the general consensus among professionals in the addictions industry agree that the longer a person can stay in treatment, the better they’re chances of recovery and the lower the chances are that they’ll relapse. This is why many drug treatment programs offer a range of different options regarding the length of their inpatient drug rehab treatment.

Recovery Takes Time

As mentioned previously, it’s important to realize that most cases of substance addiction didn’t occur overnight. It’s only realistic to understand that treatment won’t be something that is accomplished quickly either. In fact, many professionals consider recovery to be a life-long concept because addiction is a life-long condition.

There is a natural urge to get through recovery as quickly as possible. After all, you have a life, responsibilities, and many other things that demand your attention. You simply don’t have the time to devote to a long inpatient drug rehab process.

Without an adequate amount of time and effort, however, it’s possible that you won’t have the skills and support you need to fully recover. This can lead to relapse and other complications.

Factors That Determine How Long Is Inpatient Drug Rehab

There are a number of factors that can affect the length of time that you’ll need inpatient drug rehab. Some of these include:

Steps For Getting Treatment

In nearly all cases, you’ll need to go through detox before you’re able to move on to inpatient drug rehab. For most people, medically-supervised rehab is the best option. Not only does this provide you with trained medical personnel who can assist you if needed, but you also might be able to access medications that can ease your withdrawal symptoms. This can make detox less harrowing and challenging for you.

Serenity Light Recovery offers you the services you need to recovery from substance use disorder including:

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