Long-term recovery is an investment in yourself and your future. How much does rehab cost? What do you get for the money? What are the payment options? It is normal to have concerns about the cost of getting better. But luckily, treatment is possible, despite where you may be financially.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

In simplest terms, it depends. For example, if you need a medical detox center, you require medical care in addition to clinical treatment. Examples include medical monitoring and medication-assisted treatment. These services drive up costs.

However, if you already underwent detox somewhere else, the cost decreases. Similarly, you might require residential or intensive outpatient care. Only a determination by a qualified therapist can tell you that. It depends entirely on your care needs; as you might expect, inpatient treatment is more expensive.

Paying for a Stay at a Rehab Facility

Paying for rehab with insurance is the method most clients choose. Because of the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies agree to treat chemical dependency as a disease. Therefore, they extend the same coverage that they would to other chronic illnesses. However, each plan is different, and answering how much does rehab cost depends on your information.

When you first check into a rehab center, an intake advisor handles the insurance verification for you. Let this expert help you understand what coverage options your plan has. Rehab insurance coverage typically requires a co-payment, which the expert can explain.

Some people prefer not to pay for this expense out of their pockets. They might choose to apply for addiction treatment financing. Several companies specialize in providing healthcare loan products. Other clients prefer to pay cash and don’t submit a claim at all.

Is Rehab Really Necessary?

How much does rehab cost when you don’t undertake it all? In other words, what’s the expense when you continue substance abuse? You might lose your health, family, profession, and home. Losing your life is possible. From this vantage point, rehab’s worth every penny.

What Do You Get for the Money You Invest in Healing?

You benefit from evidence-based treatments that have helped countless individuals break the chains of addiction. Therapists collaborate with you on putting together a set of modalities that help you heal. Because everyone’s different, customization of your rehab experience is a crucial component to its success. Examples include:

Other therapies add to this setup, depending on your needs. For example, many participants greatly benefit from yoga as a way to introduce mindfulness training. It’s a vital care protocol addition that can change the way you react to stressors.

Against this backdrop, how much does rehab cost? Find out what your individualized cost breakdown could be. Talk to a Serenity Light Recovery intake specialist today. Call (281) 431-6700 now.