Is heroin an opioid? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), heroin is an opioid drug made from morphine. The substance comes from the poppy plant in Asia, Colombia, and Mexico. Heroin is a brown or white powdery substance that can be converted into a liquid.

There are several ways that people consume heroin. For instance, you can inject, smoke, or snort it. You can also combine it with other drugs such as cocaine. Doing so will accelerate the effects of the drug. This method for combining drugs is known as speedballing. As an example, some users combine heroin with cocaine to get a greater high. If you’re struggling to stop using heroin, you may want to seek a heroin addiction treatment program in Texas.

Why is Heroin an Opioid?

Although heroin is often viewed as a street narcotic, it started as a pain medication. Doctors prescribed heroin because it blocks pain receptors in your brain and central nervous system. By blocking the receptors, the pain signals no longer reach the brain. Therefore, even if you have an injury, you will not feel any pain from it.

Pain blocking is not the only effect heroin has on the brain. If you take enough of it, the heroin will trigger the release of the dopamine neurotransmitter. This creates intense feelings of pleasure and gets you high. If you continue using heroin, the effects will lessen over time. Consequently, you will need higher doses of heroin to get high.

Within a few weeks or months, your central nervous system will develop a dependency on the drug. You will also form an addiction that can difficult to stop without professional substance abuse treatment programs.

Side Effects of Heroin Use

Is heroin an opioid? Yes. It contains many of the same side effects as other opioids. Prolonged heroin abuse can lead to harmful side effects, such as:

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Even if you have a severe addiction to heroin, you can always recover. An addiction treatment center in Texas offers comprehensive care throughout all the stages of recovery, including:

Heroin Detox Center

A heroin detox center is a great place to start your road to self-renewal and recovery. An addiction treatment specialist can monitor your progress, provide care or medication for your withdrawal symptoms, and encourage you to keep going. You are more likely to complete detox successfully inside a comfortable and caring environment.

Addiction Treatment Center

Your next step in overcoming your addiction is to go through rehab. The best rehab centers in Texas offer inpatient and outpatient rehab. You can choose from different types of treatment such as:

Aftercare Program

Once you complete your rehab, you may want to continue parts of your treatment to make sure you do not relapse. A relapse prevention program enables you to continue your individual therapy or participate in holistic and group activities. You can also continue meeting with your support group. An aftercare program is perfect for keeping you on the right track.

Start Your Recovery from Heroin Addiction Today

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