In the United States, drug addiction is at epidemic levels. Approximately 70,000 Americans die every year from drug overdoses. Many of the drug overdoses are from prescription medications. People may start out with a prescription drug and use it properly, but in time they end up misusing it. You may wonder what the most abused prescription drugs are. This is an important question to examine. That way if you or someone you know is taking any of these medications, you can be cautious. If need be, you can seek treatment at a prescription drug detox center in Houston.

Most Abused Prescription Drugs

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the following drugs fall within the given category and are the most commonly abused:




How Addiction Occurs

When people get a prescription, it’s usually not their intention to misuse the medication. Some people may get the drugs without a prescription, which would indicate misuse from the beginning. Others become dependent on the drugs, then addicted to them.

The cycle of addiction occurs over time as the person becomes tolerant of the medication’s effects and begins to take more. They may even start taking it to feel the euphoria. After a while, they notice withdrawal effects if they don’t have it for several hours. The withdrawal symptoms will vary based on what type of drug they were taking.

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