Recovery from addiction means freedom, not for a day or even for years, but forever. Finding that kind of recovery will often include the type of intensive outpatient treatment Texas residents have used to help them find that freedom. When attempting to overcome addiction, the concerns of relapse are real. Therefore, relapse prevention planning should simply be part of your recovery plan.

Preventing heroin relapse concerns life and death, and it is also an inherent risk of heroin addiction. This is the serious nature of heroin addiction, and why a heroin addiction treatment center in Houston, TX, is so important. That includes learning how to live a life without addiction and without heroin. These are the types of programs that will teach us how to cope with life on life’s terms, how to reach out when we need help and how to recognize when help is needed before it’s too late.

Preventing Heroin Relapse is Part of the Recovery Plan

During the assessment phase of treatment, a team of caring and professional clinicians will determine the type of addiction treatment program best designed for your recovery. That plan will also include more than a plan of detox and recovery, but also a relapse prevention plan. Heroin is an addiction, like most, that attacks us on every plane of our lives. It attacks us on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, which is why a holistic approach to recovery can be so successful. This approach will be recognized by a heroin relapse prevention program that addresses healing the entire person.

A Relapse Prevention Program for Your Whole Person

We all have unique qualities and characteristics that define us. All those parts of us that make us who we are will come under siege when facing the disease of addiction. Addiction is a master at isolating us and stealing from us. Before long, we lose our relationships, our vocations, and our families. In many cases, heroin addiction even takes our lives.

A recovery program that deals with healing the whole person will focus on every part of recovery from detox to aftercare. It will utilize and integrate therapies like yoga or creative art expressions. It could use techniques such as a biofeedback therapy program and family therapy programs. And it will include a plan focused on preventing heroin relapse because recovery means forever. The first step in overcoming addiction, however, begins with you.

End Heroin Addiction and Find Freedom in Recovery Today

A recovery plan that will help you get clean and overcome addiction is only part of the process. Serenity Light Recovery will implement a plan personally tailored for your recovery, now and tomorrow. We will develop a plan to help you beat your addiction today and a plan preventing heroin relapse tomorrow, and for all of your tomorrow’s. Recovery isn’t temporary, it is forever, and that is the kind of recovery we want to help you discover. Even after completing an IOP, you will still have complete access to your recovery coach for up to a year because recovery isn’t short term or temporary.

Recovery also can’t begin without your decision to get help, and your healing can’t begin until you take that first step. If you or someone you know is battling addiction, then help is only a call away. Contact Serenity Light Recovery at (281) 431-6700 to find freedom from addiction in recovery, and take your first step towards tomorrow, today.