“The difference between Try and Triumph is a little UMPH.” –Marvin Philips

Becoming physically active is one of the most beneficial decisions a person in recovery can make. When someone becomes addicted, they depend on drugs and alcohol to make it through their everyday life. The body (the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, muscular system), the mind (your decision-making skills, learning ability, goal setting, emotional health), and the spirit (the sense of feeling connected to something greater than yourself) become rewired thus wreaking havoc on their well-being. Fortunately, addiction is a treatable disease, and there is much hope. We at Serenity Light Recovery, believe in the healing powers of recovery fitness. So much so, that we offer not only client fitness classes but also staff boot camp and yoga classes multiple times a week. Our team recognizes how important exercise is for our mind, body, and spirit.

Some Facts About Recovery Fitness

Regularly exercising helps reduce stress by increasing concentrations of norepinephrine–a chemical moderating cortisol/stress levels. Stress builds up in our bodies constantly throughout the day; while we are driving, at work, studying, or even watching t.v. Stress can come from a wide range of things, from poor posture to upsetting interactions and both recent and past trauma. A high level of stress is widely recognized as the number one cause of relapse after a period of recovery. Exercising gives stress a healthy outlet to escape. 

Getting active improves your self-confidence. Regardless of what you look or feel like, exercise can quickly elevate a person’s perception of his/her self-worth and confidence. Like anything else in life, the more you do it, the better you get, and the better you feel. Exercising teaches you to set attainable goals, work towards those goals, and ultimately accomplish them.

Additionally, taking your exercise routine outdoors lessens the likelihood of experiencing depression or anxiety. Get outside and move, breathe deep and soak up some healing sunshine. Have fun with your exercise routine! 

If you are just starting and feel overwhelmed or have special limitations, reach out to a reputable, certified personal trainer. A personal trainer is an invaluable resource in reaching your fitness and even life goals. A certified personal trainer will teach you proper exercise movement and form. Also, they will help you understand the importance of consistency and create a fitness plan tailored specifically to your needs. A personal trainer is there to encourage, coach, and motivate you every step of the way on your journey to excellence.

You Deserve to Thrive

There are so many reasons to add daily exercise to your routine. All you need is 30 minutes of physical activity to elevate your mood, release stress, and re-center your mind giving your brain the boost it needs to power through the day. Recovery fitness can be an easy way to stay healthy. Physical activity comes in many, many different forms. You can take a power walk early in the morning through the neighborhood, participate in continuous sets of bodyweight exercises in your living room, hit the gym and lift weights, and/or build your cardiovascular strength by jumping on the elliptical or even going for a cool swim.

It’s so helpful to create a fitness tribe. This group of like-minded people who want the best for you will help you stay accountable. Similarly to 12 Step programs, this fellowship improves outcomes, gives people a sense of purpose, and creates bonds. Don’t be afraid if you don’t feel like much of an athlete. Start small, with a simple 10 or 15-minute daily walk, increasing your progress as you feel ready. Do your best to stay committed to your new fitness routine because you deserve to thrive in all you do! Now get up, take a deep breath, smile, and move! You got this!

Michelle Wimberley, CPT, RYT