Today we’d like to introduce Jude!!! Jude is our Detox and IOP Counselor here at SLR! Not only does she have a fiery sense of humor, but her passion lies with helping others improve their quality of life. She believes everyone deserves a chance to, and has the ability to recover from addiction and that recovery and treatment should always include having fun. Her hobbies include enjoying nature, movies, the arts, and Yoga, and she is a certified Yoga instructor which she utilizes in both our cutting-edge detox program and our 8-week IOP.

1. What drives you to show up every day?

The opportunity to help make a positive difference in someone’s life that can positively affect not only that person but future generations to come.

2. What’s your favorite thing about working at SLR?

The entire organizations passion for recovery and the comradery of the entire company from the CEO to the Grounds keepers working as part of a team. Everyone here is committed to helping people recover from addiction and making sure the client has the best experience possible for their recovery.

3. What’s your advice for someone contemplating a major life change (i.e. getting sober/going to treatment)?

Don’t wait, you deserve to be happy now, if you are thinking about changing your life/getting sober/clean do it now. Often I hear clients say they wish they got help sooner. You have nothing to lose but all the misery, isolation, embarrassment and shame that comes with being in active addiction.