Consuming large amounts of alcohol within a very short time normally results in the signs of alcohol poisoning. This occurs regardless of your prowess to tolerate a lot of alcohol. When you drink, it should be moderate allowing your liver to process the alcohol seamlessly. A drink within an hour is enough meaning that when you drink two in the same hour, there will be extra alcohol in your bloodstream.

Continuing to drink at such a fast rate could increase your Blood Alcohol Content to levels where physical and mental body functions are impaired. You will need to find help at an alcohol addiction treatment center in Houston in this case.

The Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

The most common symptoms of alcohol poisoning are:

The Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning

Excessive intoxication that has reached alcohol poisoning levels is very dangerous. Choking is one of the grave effects that one may experience when they are drunk. Excessive alcohol already makes you feel like vomiting. Alcohol poisoning depresses the gag reflex increasing your chances of choking as you vomit especially after you have passed out.  If you inhale the vomit, your lungs get impaired from normal functioning. When you vomit, you lose water in the body causing your blood to pump at dangerously low pressure. The condition can also lead to irreversible brain damage. Also, all of the effects discussed can cause death unless treated with addiction treatment programs.

How to Help Someone

If you encounter a person suffering from alcohol poisoning or suspect that you have drunk excessively, you should prevent them from falling asleep.  This is because alcohol continues to get absorbed into the bloodstream increasing chances of failure of body functions. Coffee increases the rate of dehydration which could lead to brain damage. Avoid walking to prevent accidents because alcohol impairs the brain’s normal functioning reducing one’s balance. The best way to help someone that has intoxicated themselves excessively is to keep them at an upright position and ensure that they remain awake as emergency staff arrive to help.

How an Addiction Treatment Center Houston Can Help

Alcohol dependency is a leading factor that predisposes you to alcohol poisoning. You may frequently engage in binge drinking which increases your chances of suffering the effects described above. This means that you can remain fully safe from alcohol poisoning by alcohol totally.

Serenity Light Recovery is an alcohol addiction treatment center Houston that offers you a wide range of highly effective alcohol and substance abuse therapy programs.  They include:

Taking the first steps towards recovery allows you to be a master of your own health and life in the overall. If you also know someone who suffers from alcohol addiction helping them to get recover allows you to have better relationships with them.

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