Here at Serenity Light Recovery, we offer multiple fresh and alternative forms of therapy. From traditional group therapy to alternative therapies like equine therapy, we provide clients with the options they need to heal. One of these is Higher Power Yoga therapy. When done in combination with more traditional treatments, yoga therapy can be one of the most beneficial programs on your path to recovery. It can also blend seamlessly with other more well-known treatments like the 12 Step program.

Higher Power Yoga

Surrender is a word we at Serenity Light Recovery love to talk about in yoga class. However, it’s not a very popular word in many people’s mainstream lives. Due to the fact it conjures thoughts of losing a battle, becoming powerless or losing control. You can see how many come to view the word ‘surrender’ as a negative. Surrender is a concept that’s difficult to picture as a practical application in our lives. 

This can be true if you are undergoing substance abuse treatment or mental health therapy. You may resist the idea of surrendering because you are in a fight to regain control of your life. But we at Serenity Light Recovery believe if we can learn to surrender the doorway to true peace and freedom begins to open for us.

Yoga and the 12 Steps

One way to do this is to surrender ourselves to something greater, a higher power. You may already be familiar with the 12 Step program. Individuals surrender to a higher power realizing they can’t control their addiction. Similarly, Higher Power yoga encourages clients to surrender. In her book Yoga and the Twelve Step Path, Kyczy Hawk writes “In recovery, many of us have experienced the process and need to surrender over and over; sometimes it is the same issue, sometimes the same subject in a different form. A tool in being able to ‘turn it over’ is to revitalize and align ourselves with our faith, bringing awareness over and over again to the issue, letting go. Our ego, our will, may reassert itself time and time again. The more we are able to let go, the closer we are to our divine self and our Higher Power.”

Our Therapies at Serenity Light Recovery

There are several yoga asanas, the term for the poses you assume during yoga, which invite the opportunity to surrender yourself to your Higher Power. Our therapists guide clients as they experience Higher Power yoga. We meld the wisdom of the 12 Step program with the timeless wisdom of yoga. Doing so creates for clients a physical activity positively affecting mental health. The entire process allows you to focus and gives you the freedom to pursue your recovery in a manner best suited to your needs.

See how others surrender to their Higher Power during their yoga practice and begin your own today at Serenity Light Recovery, (281) 431-6700. Explore how our therapies can serve you as you regain control of your life from addiction.