Seeking help is one of the initial steps to recovery. However, should you choose a therapist, psychologist, or both? We will discuss the difference between a therapist vs psychologist below. Get to know the difference between both before choosing one or both for your treatment plan to recovery, then check out our individual therapy program in Houston, Tx.

What is a Therapist?

A therapist is an educated individual who works with clients to help and treat a variety of emotional and mental disorders. Therapists have a master’s degree and license to work in their field. Therapists can diagnose and treat clients in their care. They study the behavior of their clients and treat them according to their behavioral responses to certain events. Marriage and family therapists, licensed social workers, and counselors are all considered therapists. The varying degrees in therapy include:


Psychologists study human processes and behavior. Observations are held in areas of research and in clinics. A PhD in Psychology or Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) is required to practice psychology. Psychologists can also teach in their field at universities or colleges. They generally are in school longer than therapists, and can have more flexibility in what they can do once they receive their degree in psychology. Psychologists must keep what is said between them and their clients confidential and keep up their practice in highly ethical ways.

Below is a short description on the difference between therapists and psychologists. One or both addiction treatment specialists can help guide you throughout your treatment.

Difference Between Therapists and Psychologists

There is some difference between therapists and psychologists, as stated above. Psychologists must go to school for several more years than therapists. Psychologists also have a wider range of activities they can do once they are licensed, such as research, clinical therapy, and teaching at colleges. Therapists are able to practice several types of therapy.

Therapists and psychologists are more similar than different, so when it comes to psychologist vs therapist, there is not much that differs. A psychologist is a type of therapist that studies human behavior. A therapist is a broader term that can include various therapists, including psychologists. So, when determining whether you need a therapist vs psychologist, these are important factors to consider.

How Serenity Light Recovery Can Help

Make an appointment at your earliest convenience so that our therapists, psychologists, and other staff can help you with your recovery from addiction. We offer individual therapy programs for males and females ages 18-65 years.

Our addiction treatment center in Houston offers:

Psychologist vs Therapist at Serenity Light Recovery

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