Addiction is a disease. And no, that’s not an exaggeration — it’s a medical fact. The medical community regards addiction as a complex disease that can be very difficult to overcome through willpower or good intentions alone. In most cases, those struggling with addiction require the help of several highly trained professionals in the healthcare, psychology, and therapy fields. In any professional treatment setting, those dealing with substance abuse receive guidance and instruction from a trained addiction specialist. But exactly what is an addiction specialist?

What Is an Addiction Specialist?

Addiction medicine is a subspecialty of the American Board of Medical Specialties. So what is an addiction specialist trained to do? Medical professionals who specialize in addiction medicine provide a variety of services to those struggling with substance abuse, including:

Why Is Working With an Addiction Specialist Important?

What is an addiction specialist compared to a general doctor? According to a report from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, researchers uncovered distinct differences. What did they learn? Their findings indicate that most general physicians fail to recognize and diagnose drug abuse problems. The report also found that many doctors have little idea of what to do with individuals who exhibit treatable symptoms associated with substance abuse disorders. Unfortunately, due to the lack of general physician expertise, only 10 percent of the 22 million Americans suffering from substance abuse ever receive professional treatment.

That’s why working with an addiction specialist is so critical for your recovery. Without the expertise of a trained professional, medical and psychiatric intervention for a drug or alcohol problem falls woefully short of evidence-based care. You need a specialist who not only understands your condition but who can also prescribe the appropriate treatments to help your body and mind heal. Without a strong foundation in addiction medicine and the psychological components of addictive behavior, treatment programs are marginally helpful, at best.

At Serenity Light Recovery, our family of addiction specialists is comprised of compassionate, highly educated individuals. They are well-versed in substance abuse and mental health disorder treatment. If you’ve had little success speaking to your primary care physician about your substance abuse disorder, our experienced team is here for you. But first, you’ve got to take a courageous step and reach out for help.

What Treatment Options Are Available at Serenity Light Recovery?

Addiction is a disease, and as with any disease, it can be very difficult to overcome without professional help. At Serenity Light Recovery, we offer a variety of treatment programs designed to help you detox from substance abuse and develop a healthy, new mental framework you’ll carry with you for life. Our recovery programs include:

Keep in mind the above list is only a small sampling of our wide variety of innovative treatment programs. When you trust our team with your recovery, we provide extensive resources designed to promote long-term success. Feel free to explore a more comprehensive list of our addiction therapy programs and substance abuse treatment programs for additional details about how we can help you.

Get the Help You Need at Serenity Light Recovery

If you’ve been quietly wondering: “What is an addiction specialist?” please know that you never have to suffer in silence. Reaching out for the help you need is the first step on your journey toward recovery. We understand asking for help can be scary, but it’s the surest way to truly change your future. At our serene, Angleton, Texas treatment center, we provide a variety of resources to help you take back control of your life. And, with a supportive team beside you every step of the way, you’ll develop a healthy, new mental framework that will allow you to achieve long-term success.

If you’re ready to take the first step on your journey toward health, happiness, and long-term recovery, we’re ready to help you do it! To learn more about our treatment center and therapy programs, feel free to give our team a call at (281) 431-6700.