Mixing drugs and alcohol is not uncommon when people go out partying in today’s society. Many of those who partake in it however do not know about the dangers they face by mixing substances. What is polysubstance abuse and why should you care about it? Do you mix drugs together when using them? Perhaps you have a drink while using opioids. You may mix cocaine with alcohol. This is what polysubstance abuse is. Those who are facing complications from it often need substance abuse treatment. Our licensed and experienced team at Serenity Light Recovery can offer you the support you need.

Are You Mixing Drugs – What Is Polysubstance Abuse?

If you are using more than one drug at the same time, you are engaging in polysubstance abuse. Generally, this is done when illicit drugs are mixed with alcohol or prescription drugs. They are used together as a way to balance the side effects from each or to enhance the effects they have. It is very important for you to understand what is polysubstance abuse and when you need help for it.

It is possible for this type of use to occur unintentionally. For example, a person taking a prescribed medication according to doctor’s orders may drink a few glasses of alcohol with it. That can trigger dangerous side effects. Many people engage in this type of drug use because they desire the effects it can create.

What Makes Polysubstance Abuse Dangerous?

There are many reasons why combining drugs is not safe to do. It can create short-term effects as well as impact your long-term health. Here are some common complications:

Addiction – Dependence and addiction can occur in many people engaging in this type of behavior. That means your brain and body become dependent on the drugs and you suffer drug withdrawal side effects if you stop using them.

Side Effects – You may suffer severe side effects when combining drugs with each other. The combination of the drugs can lead to a variety of outcomes include depressed respiratory rates, irregular heart rates, and overdose. Some people may experience loss of consciousness resulting in overdose.

Long-Term Effects – Over the long term, a person can develop complications from polysubstance abuse. Even if you engage in this just one time, you can suffer heart, brain, and liver failure that lasts your lifetime. You may lose cognitive function.

What Is Polysubstance Abuse Doing to You?

If you are struggling with polysubstance abuse, take action. Work with our team to find the treatment that is right for your needs. Our care options include:

If you continue to use illicit and prescription drugs like this, even just with alcohol, you are putting your health at risk. The complications are many. Yet, you can stop the cycle and find the help you need. Our team at Serenity Light Recovery can provide you with the guidance you need to start on the path to health.

Secure the Help You Need at Serenity Light Recovery

If you are asking, “What is polysubstance abuse,” it may be because you know you need help. It is not uncommon to find yourself unable to stop using on your own. That is okay. Help is available for those who are ready to get the help that they need Our team at Serenity Light Recovery can provide you with the support and guidance you need to break free. Call our team at (281) 431-6700 to learn more. Addiction and polysubstance abuse does not have to control your life forever. Get the help you need today.