Participation in some form of support network is essential to recovery. While programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are the two that often come to mind, there are other alternative programs available for support. One of them is the SMART Recovery program, one of the more prominent alternative support networks. Keep reading to learn the answers to the question, “What is SMART Recovery?”

What is SMART Recovery?

SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) Recovery is a non-profit organization focused on helping its members abstain from using drugs and alcohol. They offer support meetings aimed at empowering people by teaching them the techniques needed to overcome their self-destructive tendencies. It focuses on getting members to channel their energy in positive, constructive directions.

When answering the question, “What is SMART Recovery?”, it is essential that those with alcohol issues understand the difference between this program and AA. There is no requirement to meet face-to-face. Instead, members have the option of participating in online groups or communicating via a message board. That goes against the AA policy of maintaining full anonymity.

SMART Recovery approaches addiction more scientifically versus the more spiritual approach of AA. There is more emphasis on dealing with cravings in a practical way, self-empowerment, and cognitive-behavioral techniques.

What is the 4-Point Program?

Answering the question, “What is SMART Recovery?” means understanding the 4-Point Program. It is how SMART Recovery approaches behavioral change with members. The pillars of the 4-Point Program are:

  1. Finding and building upon the motivation to change.
  2. Managing the urges of addiction.
  3. Learning effective ways of managing emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.
  4. Finding a balance in life and sticking with it.

SMART Recovery reinforces motivation as a critical element in recovering from addiction. There is no requirement to stick to a specific belief system. Members are free to find their path in that regard. The program encourages members to be open to having their beliefs challenged in the process of learning what drove them to addiction. It is a good way of figuring out the best coping mechanisms when the urge to relapse presents itself.

Some people do not feel comfortable in faith-based treatment for various reasons. This program is the alternative that provides that sense of togetherness while remaining secular in vision.

How Do SMART Recovery Meetings Work?

SMART Recovery takes an organized, straightforward approach to holding meetings. The facilitators use SMART Recovery program principles to encourage members to change their destructive behaviors. Each session also offers mental health support and education. The program does not focus on dredging up past issues. The focus is on the future, and how to use SMART tools in moving forward in life.

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Addiction does not have to control your life forever. Here at Serenity Light Recovery, we want to ensure that you get the best treatment available so you can live a happy, healthier life. With programs like SMART Recovery, you can take the right steps on the path to a substance-free life. Feel free to call Serenity Light Recovery at (281) 431-6700 if you need more information to answer the question, “What is SMART Recovery?” Get the help you need today.