It can be easy to think of alcohol abuse as something that only young people struggle with. College students might binge drink at parties and young adults can overindulge on the weekends. However, older people can face challenges with alcohol abuse and addiction as well. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, Serenity Light Recovery can help. Learn more about how alcoholism can affect older people and reach out to our treatment center today.

Alcoholism and Older People

Substance abuse occurs from repeated use of the substance in an unhealthy manner. For those who are older, this happens for several potential reasons such as:

When a person gets older, they stop working, entering into a retirement that may only mean spending more time at home. As they become less engaged with the world around them, this can lead to the onset of depression. For some, that leads to an inability to seek out help for their thoughts and feelings. Many people who are older do not want to be a burden to family members. Anxiety can also build especially when a person is alone often. All of this can make them more susceptible to alcohol abuse.

Factors That Influence Alcohol Abuse

For men and women who are older, alcohol is one of the easiest-to-access substances available. It can soothe anxious feelings and take away some of the pain of depression. It may even help a person to simply not have to think about what they lack or feel. Because of how easy it is for someone to use alcohol like this, it’s commonly abused.

More so, there is no one there to stop them. Substance abuse like this grows over time. Often, it’s more than one drink a day. It becomes numerous drinks or a whole bottle. As this happens, the body’s systems – the brain, kidneys, and heart – become taxed. This leads to toxic buildup in the body and, in some cases, the development of cirrhosis of the liver.

How Alcohol Rehab Can Help

For men and women struggling with substance abuse at any age, treatment is available and beneficial. Seeking out a professional treatment program allows for a person to see improvements in several ways.

First, it’s possible to stop drinking. While some people engage in alcohol as a soothing mechanism, over time, it can worsen into dependence. At that point, it’s not possible to stop using without professional help. Some people develop alcohol addiction quickly and without as much consumption as others can take in without developing it.

Second, it’s essential to deal with the underlying cause of this type of substance abuse. That often includes treatment for anxiety and depression. For older people, this becomes necessary to ensure that those retirement years are not wasted but rather enjoyed as best as possible.

We can help. At Serenity Light Recovery, we offer support programs to end addiction and build health. That includes treatment programs for older adults such as:

Are You Struggling? Turn to Serenity Light Recovery for Support

When it comes to alcoholism and older people, there’s hope. With proper treatment in a supportive environment, it’s possible to overcome alcohol addiction and restore health both physically and mentally. At Serenity Light Recovery, we can provide a safe place to heal. Learn more when you reach out online or call (281) 431-6700.