Joining an Alcoholics Anonymous Group

Since 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has helped thousands of those struggling with alcohol addiction achieve and maintain sobriety. Based on the 12 steps, the importance of anonymity, and surrender to […]

Recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Why do we need to set aside a whole month? Because without awareness of the toll that alcoholism takes on our population, we cannot create […]

Alcoholism in Older People

It can be easy to think of alcohol abuse as something that only young people struggle with. College students might binge drink at parties and young adults can overindulge on […]

Enjoying a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

Sobriety is a hard-won battle. Holidays can be some of the most difficult times to maintain sobriety, especially when it’s one that has memories of alcohol consumption. A sober St. […]

How Dangerous is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Alcohol addiction is more common than many people believe. Sometimes, people struggle to recognize their addiction because they are still engaging in day-to-day life and going to work or school. […]

Confronting a Functioning Alcoholic

Alcohol abuse comes in many forms. Some people use alcohol and struggle with accomplishing anything when they do. For many other people, they can still maintain a job or meet […]

Elderly Alcohol Abuse

Do you have a parent that seems to drink a lot of alcohol? Perhaps during retirement it seemed normal for that parent to have enjoyed a few extra beers from […]

Connections Between Drinking and Social Media

Social media is almost unavoidable in today’s culture. Billions of people are multiple social media platforms, using them as a way to stay in touch with distant friends and stay […]

Dangers of Mixing Benzos and Alcohol

What are the dangers of combining benzos and alcohol? It is not uncommon for people to use two drugs together. Doing so can enhance the effects of one of the […]

How Alcohol and Depression Are Related

The relationship between alcohol and depression is an important one, and unfortunately a common one, as well. But that doesn’t have to be your future. At Serenity Light Recovery, we’re focused on […]

Alcoholism and the Stock Market Decline

Watching the stock market day in and day out can be extremely stressful. This can be especially true when your life savings relies on stock market performance. The stress of […]

Alcohol and Depression: A Twisted Duo

Mental health issues and alcohol don’t mix well, but depression is an especially tricky beast when it comes to drinking. Many people who struggle with depression and alcohol abuse end […]

6 Benefits of a 12 Step Program

Treatment for substance use disorder spans many different types. This allows for a customized approach that can be tailored to meet the individual’s needs. One of the most well-known aspects […]

Why Treatment Over the Holidays is a Good Idea

From Sarah Bolton, Business Development— As a woman in long-term recovery from alcoholism, I can share with you from firsthand perspective addicts are full of excuses. I’m talking, compelling, creative, […]