Participating in group therapy can be quite intimidating, but it also has many benefits. It can give you a sense of belonging and give you the chance to talk to someone who truly understands your experiences. Group sessions normally meet once or twice a week for one to two hours with a professional facilitating discussion. Read on to learn more about the benefits of group therapy.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Alcoholics Anonymous is so successful because it is set up as a group that wants to change their lives. Every new member is given a sponsor working with them directly, so they feel more included. They also meet every week as a group to share in their struggles. Attending group therapy at Serenity Light Recovery is very similar. You can talk to people who have experienced things similar to your own, give them advice, and get advice that will help you carry on.

Allows You to Relate to Others: Many people struggling with addiction feel like they are alone in their trials. That is simply not true. Joining a group therapy session allows you to safely express your thoughts, concerns, struggles, and successes with others, understanding what you are going through.

It Gives Hope: Everyone in group therapy is in a different phase of recovery. Meeting with people who are further along the path to sobriety can give you hope. They will share stories of their struggles and successes. Also, seeing where they have been and where they are now will give you hope for your own life. This is one of the benefits of group therapy; it propels you forward in your recovery.

It Lets You Open Up: Bottling up thoughts and emotions is very damaging. Participating in a group therapy session can help you heal. While it is hard to open up at first, once you start, you will find that sharing can be quite the relief. It is ok if you would like to just listen for a few sessions before you feel comfortable sharing. However, there is an understanding in every group therapy session that everything said in the group stays in the group. 

Serenity Light Recovery

Alongside the benefits of group therapy, we offer a wide variety of traditional and alternative services. Because we know each client is unique with specific needs, we make it a point to have numerous choices to present clients. This way we can provide multiple opportunities and ways for someone to improve. Some of these therapies include:

All of these options, as well as several others, make Serenity Light Recovery your or a loved one’s best bet to improve mental health or recovery from substance abuse. Every positive life change begins with one step down a new and hopeful road. Let us help you learn how to help yourself and improve your entire life. Contact us at (281) 431-6700 to find out more.