The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administrations (SAMHSA) estimated, in 2015 that close to 21 million Americans had a problem with substance use. The numbers are even higher now with several drugs having the highest number of users. Drug addiction is dangerous because it affects both the users and those close to them. Thousands of families have been ruined as a result of some members being dependent on drugs. Knowledge of commonly abused drugs can help one to know the risk of addiction and when to find a smart recovery program in Houston.

Here are some of the most commonly abused drugs by a majority of individuals in the US:


Its social acceptance makes numerous people experimental with it, especially during their teen years. Numerous alcohol users abuse it without knowing and this means that addiction creeps in slowly. Alcoholism, which is a state of dependence on alcohol has numerous grave effects such as liver cirrhosis, deaths resulting from overdose and drunk driving.


Marijuana’s social acceptance has increased significantly with its legalization in several states. This is despite the fact that the drug has great addictive potential with more than 4.2 million documented abusers.


More than 1.8 million people have been documented as abusers of various painkillers. The most common are oxytocin, codeine, and vicodin. As with a majority of other drugs, dependence on painkillers creeps in from consuming seemingly harmless amounts. You may not notice it until you stop using then suddenly you start looking for them even without a prescription.


Crack cocaine is more common because it is much cheaper and its addiction has crippled the lives of numerous Americans. It is a strong stimulant that leads to mood elevation, enhanced positive feelings and increased consciousness or alertness. However, its effects are more devastating including rapid heart rate and increased blood pressure.


It has severe withdrawal symptoms that make complicate the recovery process for long term users. Because it is used by way of injection, sharing needles leads to other secondary effects like transmission of deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

Help for Commonly Abused Drugs

You have better chances of committing to a life of sobriety when you undergo a comprehensive mix of effective therapies. Serenity Light Recovery Center champions the new SMART approach which is a refined version of the 12 step program. The facility also offers the following recovery programs for long term recovering clients:

Smart recovery program Houston enables you to conquer your drug dependence while getting reliable support from peers and professional help from friendly therapists. You can also refer a friend or family member who suffers from alcohol and drug abuse. It could lead to the development of better relationships with them when they recover.

Our facility also offers a couple of other recovery programs for effective treatment.  Call  (281) 431-6700  to learn how to take back control of your life starting from today. It’s time to find help for commonly abused drugs!