Alcohol abuse comes in many forms. Some people use alcohol and struggle with accomplishing anything when they do. For many other people, they can still maintain a job or meet some responsibilities even while using. A functioning alcoholic is one that still needs help to stop using but often is resistant to that change. At Serenity Light Recovery, we can help you and your loved one to overcome those challenges.

Does a Functioning Alcoholic Need Help?

The short answer to this is yes. They are still engaging in alcohol abuse. That means they are using alcohol to deal with stress or hide trauma. They are consuming alcohol on a consistent basis. The body is used to it and may even depend on it to function normally. Many people also increase the amount of alcohol they use over time, putting them at a high risk of overdose, disease development, and a shorter life expectancy. A functioning alcoholic is still in the fight for their life.

How to Confront a Functioning Alcoholic

The stereotypical image of what alcoholism is can actually hurt those who have alcohol use disorders. That’s because many people don’t recognize and will not admit that they are a functioning alcoholic. That is, they may be in denial of it because they are still functioning in daily life. Here are some steps to help you to communicate with your loved one that he or she has a problem.

Provide the Facts About their Alcohol Abuse

Take out the emotion from the conversation for just a few minutes. Try to have a conversation in which you provide just facts to your loved one. Here are some ideas.

By focusing on just the facts, it becomes easier to see the bigger picture. That may not be the only strategy you use, but it is a good idea to put those thoughts into your loved one’s mind.

Discuss Opportunities for Treatment

In some situations, a functioning alcoholic may want to stop using but they do not know how nor do they know how to communicate this. Many take drastic steps to hide their addiction from loved ones. That’s why it may be hard for them to admit they need help.

One of the ways you can bring this up is by simply talking about what you want for your loved one in the future. Do you want them to feel better and to be healthier than they are now? You may want them to be able to get back to their friends or find new ones. You may want to talk about their dreams and goals. Remember, people change. What they want now may be very different. Yet, you can communicate to them that they can achieve it.

Then, point them in the right direction. We can help with programs such as:

Don’t Go It Alone – Call Serenity Light Recovery for Support

It’s not easy to watch your loved one struggle or to face the challenges addiction brings in your own life. A functioning alcoholic is still someone that needs help, even if they do not know or recognize it. If your loved one is battling alcohol abuse, your first step is to work with a team like our counselors at Serenity Light Recovery. Allow our professionals to offer insight on your next step. Call (281) 431-6700 for immediate help.