Do you have a parent that seems to drink a lot of alcohol? Perhaps during retirement it seemed normal for that parent to have enjoyed a few extra beers from time to time since they no longer had to go to work. Now, you are noticing they are drinking significantly. Elder alcohol abuse is not uncommon, but it can lead to a wide range of health risks. It’s important for family members to recognize these risks and to seek out help for those with alcohol addiction. At Serenity Light Recovery, our team works closely with men and women facing these types of risks.

What You Should Know About Elderly Alcohol Abuse

Many adult children may wonder about their parent’s alcohol use, especially as they get older. Yet, it is common for many people not to start drinking heavily until they are older. This may be because they have more time. It may also be because they have fewer responsibilities. In some cases, they are lonely and dealing with social or emotional concerns.

Elderly alcohol abuse is not something to ignore. Those who are drinking at an older age are more likely to be in car accidents as a result of it. They may also be more likely to have health complications due to excessive use of alcohol. This can impact diabetes, heart disease, and other health conditions common in those who are older.

Is It Just Drinking or an Addiction?

The hard part of alcohol addiction is knowing when just having a drink or two is okay as a social experience and when an addiction is occurring. Elderly alcohol abuse occurs when an individual becomes dependent on alcohol and develops a higher tolerance. In either of these cases, a person may need alcoholism treatment.

Dependence occurs when a person’s body becomes reliant on the alcohol to function normally. You may notice that your parent or older loved one is drinking every day. They need a drink just to get through the day. Sometimes, they drink early in the day.

Tolerance is another component of the process. In elderly alcohol abuse, a person with addiction will need to drink more and more to get the same relief or feeling. The body becomes used to the amount they drink, so to get the same effect, they consume more.  This becomes a problem because the body cannot handle alcohol at high levels, leading to the risk of overdose.

How Can You Get Your Loved One Help?

If you suspect elderly alcohol abuse, reach out to an alcohol treatment program like ours at Serenity Light Recovery. By embracing the alcohol addiction, your loved one can regain more control over their life. They may also find themselves more empowered to live a retirement that they enjoy, not one that is complicated by alcohol-related complications.

Elderly alcohol abuse can shorten their lifespan. It may also be an indication of hidden past trauma or social isolation. Reaching out for treatment is worthwhile. We can offer a range of treatment programs to guide them through the care they need to start on a path of sober living. This may include:

With support, even those who are older can stop alcohol addiction. Let us help.

Explore the Treatment That’s Available to You at Serenity Light Recovery

Elderly alcohol abuse is not uncommon, but it can be devastating. If your loved one is struggling, they may be unable to stop using alcohol on their own. That’s when alcohol addiction forms. At Serenity Light Recovery, our team of dedicated professionals is available to work with you. We encourage you to reach out to us today to learn more about the treatment we can offer. Call Serenity Light Recovery (281) 431-6700 to speak to our compassionate counselors.