You are stressed. Every day, you are facing incredible stress. If you are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, it is critical to manage your stress in the most effective manner possible. Stress and relapse can lead to complications that impact the rest of your life. Substance use is not the answer to stressful situations. Protecting your mental health is an important part of your recovery process. There is help available to you when you reach out for it. Our team at Serenity Light Recovery is available to help you today.

Why Are Stress and Relapse Such a Bad Combination?

When a person facing stress, that means the body is on heightened alert. The body uses the cortisol hormone to get ready to take on the challenge. Yet, because the stress that we face today does not dissipate so easily, those chemicals and hormones remain present over a long period of time. That leads to intense frustration, physical pain, and even damage to your organs.

When you feel stress and relapse is a concern for you, it is critical to react. If you fail to do so, you may reach to alcohol or drugs as a way to calm your nerves or stop thinking about what is really happening. Many people use drugs as a way to cope with the intense side effects of stress. That can be dangerous for someone in recovery.

Combatting Stress with Relapse Prevention

There are a number of things you can do today to get the relief you need. It starts with understanding where your stress is coming from and dealing with it the best way you can. Work on those relationships. Get into a new job or discuss the stress with those causing it. If you can not just fix it, work to find ways to reduce it.

It is also important to think about your relapse needs. Our team at Serenity Light Recovery offers the tools and strategies you need to recover. This includes:

When you embrace what you are facing, you can work through the stress without heading into relapse. Yet, you have to be proactive. As soon as you start thinking about using again, it is time to call a counselor to discuss your options. Now is an excellent time to get started.

Stress and relapse can lead to a negative outcome. Yet, you may want to embrace what is happening right now. When you do, you can not only avoid relapse but also find yourself in a much better place mentally for whatever comes next.

Avoid Relapse with Help from Serenity Light Recovery

Your battle with addiction does not end once you leave rehab. The chance of a relapse is always a possibility when you enter stressful situations. When you are facing stress and relapse is knocking at the door, be as proactive as you can. Take every step possible to get help. That starts with calling our team at Serenity Light Recovery. We have experienced staff ready and willing to help you through these challenges. Call (281) 431-6700 today for immediate help. Protect yourself and your loved ones by reaching out for the help you need.