A dual diagnosis is given when there is more than one main issue that’s getting in the way of your health. For example, someone who has an alcohol addiction and depression may receive a dual diagnosis. The same is true for someone who’s suffering with anxiety, and has become addicted to the medication they were given to treat it. Getting help from us at Serenity Light Recovery can give you the chance to address your dual diagnosis issues, and start moving toward health and wholeness once again. We can offer you treatment programs and options to improve the quality of your life.

A Dual Diagnosis Means Complete Help

When it comes to choosing a quality rehab center, you should know that not every good location or facility will offer dual diagnosis treatment. If they ask you what is dual diagnosis when you inquire about it, they’re not right for you. Instead, ask us what is dual diagnosis and we can explain the term and its importance. When you treat addiction problems and mental health issues at the same time, you treat the whole person and the concerns they have. By only treating the addiction and not addressing the mental health, you would be missing out on a key component to help with recovery.

By choosing the right addiction treatment center, you can get the help and hope you need and deserve. It’s not always easy to reach out, and we understand it can be frightening or stressful. But reaching out to get help is such an important part of getting back to recovery. You had plans, dreams, and goals before, and you can have them again. We want to help you get them back. If a mental health issue or addiction is taking part of your life, it’s time to make a change. You deserve health and happiness, along with peace of mind. By getting treatment, you can get back to a life you enjoy and look forward to every day.

The Right Treatment Programs for Success

Working with a dual diagnosis treatment center offers you more treatment and program options. If you’re asking yourself what is dual diagnosis and is it right for your situation, we can help you answer that question. We offer a range of treatment programs, and can find one that fits your needs and goals. We treat anyone who’s over 18, so you can come to us today and start getting the help you need. Don’t let fears or worries about getting help hold you back. You deserve the right diagnosis and treatment, and we want to make sure you get it from a quality facility. Among the great services we offer to our clients include:

With options to choose from, you can select the treatment that will give you the most help. We want you to get better faster, and we know you can do that with the right program and services. Addiction doesn’t have to steal any more of your life. You have the option to do something about it today, and let us help you. So, what is dual diagnosis? It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting all the help you need. Only treating one issue may not be enough, when there are other concerns. By addressing both issues at one time, you’ll have the chance to make a stronger, faster, and more lasting recovery.

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We provide our clients with options for an aftercare program, so they can continue to receive support when their program is complete. We understand the what is dual diagnosis question, and will make sure you get answers. You don’t have to allow your addiction to hold onto you or control your life any longer. You have the opportunity and ability to overcome that addiction, as well as any mental health issues. The right facility and treatment program can make all the difference, so you can get the level and type of help you need. Contact us at (281) 431-6700 today, and we’ll get started down the path that leads to recovery.