Many people struggling with addiction and mental health problems have problems expressing their inner thoughts. Understanding the thought processes driving their issues is necessary to chart the best course of treatment. That one way how art therapy helps those working through problems related to mental health disorders and substance abuse. It allows people to open up about their feelings by giving them the freedom to express themselves with no constraints.

Alternative methods of self-expression have been shown to be beneficial to clients who do not quite feel comfortable enough for traditional talk therapy. Using art therapy can produce breakthroughs that otherwise had not been accomplished. Art therapy offers a long list of benefits to those seeking a different form of therapy.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy programs incorporate some elements found in the psychology of Freud and Jung. It relies on the idea that we can find meaning in symbols and images we portray in artwork. They may tell us more about what a person is thinking and feeling than the words they convey.

However, it is essential that people use their art to learn how to verbally express what they are feeling. Therapists encourage clients to describe their artwork and use that as a gateway to getting to more of their inner fears and frustrations tied to their current illness.

Using art as an outlet gives clients a healthy way of mapping out harmful behavior patterns that may hinder them from moving forward. One way of describing how art therapy helps is that it gives clients the chance to practice working through emotions they may normally avoid. It is also a great way for them to practice patience and learn coping skills.

How Does Art Therapy Work?

One great example of how art therapy helps clients is that it gives them the opportunity to voice concerns they may not feel comfortable sharing in traditional therapy sessions. Many clients in a dual diagnosis program find it helps them break down barriers preventing them from sharing the way they want.

Art therapy gives clients anew outlet to express themselves. It comes with a number of benefits that other therapy options may not offer. Some other benefits offered by art therapy include:

Art therapy is typically used to complement traditional therapy services. At Serenity Light Recovery, we work with our clients to craft treatment plans that incorporate elements meant to give them the best chance at success in the outside world.

Another example of how art therapy helps is that it helps clients visualize instances in their life that may trigger their current illness. Many clients suffering from bipolar disorder or addiction problems can work through trauma from their childhood that keeps cropping up in their behavior as an adult.

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