Hydrocodone and oxycodone are prescription narcotic medications. They are both used to treat moderate to severe pain after a surgery, injury, or the pain from disease. Let’s look at hydrocodone vs oxycodone to determine the similarities and differences between these two medications, and when you should find a hydrocodone addiction treatment program.

Hydrocodone vs Oxycodone

There are many similarities between these two medications. These medications are a Schedule II type drug, which means people who use them are at risk of becoming addicted to them.


This medication is effective at treating pain and often comes mixed with another non-narcotic pain reliever such as acetaminophen. Dosing is usually every 4 to 6 hours unless you have pure oxycodone, which is oxycontin.

Oxycodone works on the brain’s opioid receptors and the central nervous system. It interferes with the pain signals so that the person doesn’t feel the pain. However, many people report feeling euphoria when taking this medicine.


This medication is a powerful narcotic that is also used to treat serious pain problems. Hydrocodone comes in an extended release formula just like the oxycodone does, and its brand name is Zohydro ER.

Differences Between Oxycodone and Hydrocodone

Although both medications work the same way, hydrocodone has resulted in more addiction issues than oxycodone. This creates a need for a hydrocodone addiction treatment program.

The only other difference between the two medications is hydrocodone caused more constipation than oxycodone. Otherwise, both were equally as effective in treating the client’s pain. Since the medications are narcotics, you should take precautions if taking them and follow your doctor’s orders. If you find that you are overusing or misusing your prescriptions, then seeking treatment is your next step.

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