The Face of Recovery: Heather Ogburn

“This isn’t me. How did I get here?” were the cries of a desperate lost girl. A girl who once had everything yet felt nothing and in a flash, it […]

What Are the 12 Steps of AA?

People who struggle with alcohol addiction have many options for treatment, including 12-step rehab. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has brought 12-step treatment into the limelight. However, not everyone knows the 12 […]

How to Quit Drinking

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How Long Is Rehab?

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Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

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How Much Does Rehab Cost?

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The Recovery Center Houston Needs

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Dynamic Detox and IOP with Jude

Today we’d like to introduce Jude!!! Jude is our Detox and IOP Counselor here at SLR! Not only does she have a fiery sense of humor, but her passion lies […]