Getting Help With Social Anxiety

Mental health and substance use are often linked. People who struggle with anxiety or depression may self-medicate to alleviate symptoms. It is estimated that 34% of the population will suffer […]

Most Commonly Abused Painkillers

Opiate abuse occurs when people use painkillers outside of the guidelines a doctor sets for prescriptions. Often, people need these medications due to a serious injury or disease that’s left […]

Re-Learning Life Skills After Addiction

Drug addiction creates complications in many facets of life. Even things that seemed simple before, such as sticking to a schedule or preparing meals, can be difficult during active addiction. […]

Enjoying a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

Sobriety is a hard-won battle. Holidays can be some of the most difficult times to maintain sobriety, especially when it’s one that has memories of alcohol consumption. A sober St. […]

The Benefits of Long-Term Drug Rehab

It can be tempting to look for shortcuts on the road to recovery. But when a shortcut does not offer an opportunity for real, lasting results, you must ask yourself […]

Finding Creative Outlets in Recovery

Creativity involves finding new ways to express ideas in original or adaptive ways. It helps individuals adjust to changes in their environment and can bring them joy. Substance abuse suppresses […]

Signs of Opiate Abuse After Surgery

The opioid epidemic has impacted millions of individuals and families across the United States. Opiates and opioids were developed to help healthcare providers ease pain and perform life-saving medical interventions. […]

How Alumni Services Help Maintain Sobriety

As most people with even a basic understanding of addiction and the recovery process will tell you, a successful recovery is a lifetime commitment. Those of us who are susceptible […]

Five Benefits of an Intervention

An intervention is an opportunity for those close to someone who is using drugs and alcohol to encourage them to get help. Interventions in real life don’t necessarily look like […]

Understanding Behavioral Addictions

Behavioral addictions share many similarities with drug addictions, but they are often harder for people to understand. Substance addictions have a physical component. Drugs and alcohol are known to be […]

5 Reasons to Choose Outpatient Treatment

When it comes to addiction treatment, it’s important to consider your options. Which treatment is right for you will depend on the severity of your addiction, life obligations, and your […]

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

One of the most common reasons for drug and alcohol abuse is an inability to manage stress and negative feelings in a healthy way. Some people simply have a more […]

Why a Personalized Treatment Plan Matters

As you explore how to get help for drug or alcohol addiction, there are many things you have to think about before making a decision. One of them is whether […]

Common Signs of an Overdose

Do you know the signs of an overdose? Most people don’t know this because most people don’t have to experience a loved one at risk like this. Yet, when you […]

Signs of Marijuana Abuse

Though many people believe using marijuana is safe, it’s not. Marijuana abuse occurs when addiction forms. This type of substance abuse can carry negative consequences, including disease development and overdose […]

Heroin Abuse and Veterans

Is there a link between heroin and veterans? Unfortunately, many men and women who put their lives on the line in the Armed Services often face trauma and physical pain. […]

Mental Health and Thanksgiving

When it comes to mental health and Thanksgiving, you may be worried. For many people, addiction and mental health disorders can make holidays like this very challenging. People come together […]

Benefits of Medical Detox

Investing in your future is critical. You may be using drugs or alcohol now and struggling to stop on your own. That’s not your fault. Many people using drugs develop […]

The Dangers of Doctor Shopping

When a person develops an addiction, they may become so dependent on the drugs that they will do everything they can to get them. That includes doctor shopping. If you […]

Elderly Alcohol Abuse

Do you have a parent that seems to drink a lot of alcohol? Perhaps during retirement it seemed normal for that parent to have enjoyed a few extra beers from […]

5 Common Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a component of everyday life. Most people feel anxious before a big speech or when they have to talk to their boss. For other people, anxiety becomes a […]

Signs of Major Depression

Most people feel sad from time to time. Most of the time, it is brought on by something we experience. It fades away as time goes by. For others, it […]

Relapse Prevention Techniques

In treatment for addiction issues, many patients benefit from learning about relapse prevention techniques. These are extremely important because they provide you with the tools and coping skills you need […]

Get Involved with National Recovery Month

During National Recovery Month, there are many ways you can celebrate your health and happiness. If you’re struggling with addiction, though, the best thing you can do for yourself is […]

Is My Loved One an Alcoholic?

If you’re asking yourself, is my loved one an alcoholic, you probably already suspect that they might be struggling with addiction issues. While that’s an upsetting realization for most people, there’s […]

Different Recovery Programs

Whether you struggle with substance or you’re trying to help someone you love, there are a variety of treatment programs available to you. Addiction is a disease, and in most […]

How Long Is Inpatient Drug Rehab

Answering the question of how long is inpatient drug rehab is as complex as the disease of substance use disorder itself. Just like no two people have the exact same circumstances and […]

Benefits of EMDR for Addiction Treatment

Many unique treatment methods can help people who struggle with addiction. One that doesn’t get a lot of time in the spotlight is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). However, […]

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Long-term recovery is an investment in yourself and your future. How much does rehab cost? What do you get for the money? What are the payment options? It is normal […]

What is the Matrix Model for IOP?

What is the Matrix Model for IOP? That is one of the most pressing questions for anyone involved in the addiction and recovery field today. IOP, also known as an […]

The Role of Biofeedback in Addiction Recovery

Biofeedback is a method of therapy that instructs people to pay close attention to the functions of their body while seeking treatment. The goal is to assert control over the […]

The Best Evidence-Based Practice Options

Getting the most comprehensive care you need for a substance abuse problem starts with evidence-based practice. What does this type of treatment protocol look like? How do addiction specialists administer […]

Benefiting from Support Groups

Detox and rehab prepare you for long-term recovery. In many ways, it’s a new lifestyle. Support groups are a vibrant part of this routine. What goes on in these meetings? […]

The Need for Houston Recovery Centers

You hear that drug recovery centers are essential throughout the country. However, you might not fully grasp the need for addiction rehab in Texas. Drug statistics and learning how drugs […]

Searching Through Rehab Centers in Houston

Substance use disorder is a terrible condition that requires professional treatment. Luckily, you can choose from many of the best rehab centers in Houston. However, you might feel overwhelmed at […]

What to Look for in a Houston Rehab

You spend a lot of time searching the web for the right rehab treatment. But what is the “right” treatment, exactly? What should you look for in a Houston rehab […]

The Recovery Center Houston Needs

Houston continues to suffer problems of drug and alcohol addiction among its residents. But the region offers too few rehab centers that truly provide the hope for a better life, […]

Here’s How to Choose a Rehab Center

When you’ve determined that it’s time to get help for your addiction, you might wonder how to choose a rehab center. This is a legitimate thing to be curious about, […]

Why Treatment Over the Holidays is a Good Idea

From Sarah Bolton, Business Development— As a woman in long-term recovery from alcoholism, I can share with you from firsthand perspective addicts are full of excuses. I’m talking, compelling, creative, […]