Getting Help With Social Anxiety

Mental health and substance use are often linked. People who struggle with anxiety or depression may self-medicate to alleviate symptoms. It is estimated that 34% of the population will suffer […]

The First Year of Sobriety

Addiction recovery does not end when you leave rehab. It is a lifelong journey. Traveling the path is rewarding and worth the effort. It also has some steep climbs and […]

5 Risks of Detox at Home

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, there are numerous options and therapeutic models for rehab—residential, outpatient, 12-step, group therapy, CBT, mindfulness, and many more. But detoxifying […]

Meth and Mental Health Disorders

Meth, short for methamphetamine, is a central nervous system stimulant with a high risk of addiction. In addition to the extremely severe side effects and health concerns associated with meth […]

Adderall Abuse and College Students

Adderall is a brand name for an amphetamine that doctors prescribe for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Annually, about 2.5 million Americans are prescribed Adderall or other stimulant drugs approved […]

Joining an Alcoholics Anonymous Group

Since 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has helped thousands of those struggling with alcohol addiction achieve and maintain sobriety. Based on the 12 steps, the importance of anonymity, and surrender to […]

Recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Why do we need to set aside a whole month? Because without awareness of the toll that alcoholism takes on our population, we cannot create […]

Re-Learning Life Skills After Addiction

Drug addiction creates complications in many facets of life. Even things that seemed simple before, such as sticking to a schedule or preparing meals, can be difficult during active addiction. […]

Alcoholism in Older People

It can be easy to think of alcohol abuse as something that only young people struggle with. College students might binge drink at parties and young adults can overindulge on […]

How Opioid Abuse Damages Your Body

Opioids are some of the most abused drugs. That includes both prescription and illicit opioids. These drugs trigger the opioid receptors in the brain. This is the area of the […]

Xanax Abuse Among Young Adults

Xanax is a benzodiazepine that doctors prescribe to treat insomnia, panic disorders, and anxiety. Used properly, it can be effective and safe to use. Illicit use of the drug or […]

Using Psychotherapy to Battle Depression

Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by deep sadness and feelings of hopelessness. It has numerous causes, and sometimes medications are a necessary step in treatment. However, psychotherapy and […]

Benefits of Getting Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma therapy is critical for men and women battling a painful past. When the brain doesn’t deal with trauma but tucks it away, that trauma comes back throughout their lifetime. […]

The Benefits of Long-Term Drug Rehab

It can be tempting to look for shortcuts on the road to recovery. But when a shortcut does not offer an opportunity for real, lasting results, you must ask yourself […]

Signs of Opiate Abuse After Surgery

The opioid epidemic has impacted millions of individuals and families across the United States. Opiates and opioids were developed to help healthcare providers ease pain and perform life-saving medical interventions. […]

Dangers of Fentanyl Abuse

Fentanyl was developed as a synthetic painkiller. The synthetic nature of the drug allows healthcare providers to be more precise with its application, and it is in many regards a […]

5 Reasons to Attend Talk Therapy

Many people have a difficult time deciding whether or not to try therapy. Decades of societal stigma have made some believe that needing therapy is a sign of weakness, and while that […]

Common Depressive Disorders

If you feel sad or depressed, you’re not alone. Depression is more common than you might think. Many of those who struggle with depression never seek treatment and might not […]

Five Benefits of an Intervention

An intervention is an opportunity for those close to someone who is using drugs and alcohol to encourage them to get help. Interventions in real life don’t necessarily look like […]

What Is Alcohol Dementia?

Alcohol dementia is a type of brain damage caused by long-term alcohol abuse. Dementia is a broad term that refers to a set of symptoms including memory loss, problem-solving, and reasoning […]

Major Depressive Disorder

If you are struggling with feelings of sadness, apathy, or hopelessness, you aren’t alone. Major depressive disorders affect more than three million people in the United States each year. However, […]

How Stress Affects Your Health

Stress can be positive or negative. Positive stress pushes you to do your best. It gives an extra boost that can improve your performance. However, our bodies weren’t meant to […]

5 Reasons to Choose Outpatient Treatment

When it comes to addiction treatment, it’s important to consider your options. Which treatment is right for you will depend on the severity of your addiction, life obligations, and your […]

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

One of the most common reasons for drug and alcohol abuse is an inability to manage stress and negative feelings in a healthy way. Some people simply have a more […]

How Addiction Affects Families

When it comes to addiction and family dynamics, there is no doubt drug use can impact every person in a household. Most often, a person using drugs doesn’t recognize this […]

Why a Personalized Treatment Plan Matters

As you explore how to get help for drug or alcohol addiction, there are many things you have to think about before making a decision. One of them is whether […]

Signs of Marijuana Abuse

Though many people believe using marijuana is safe, it’s not. Marijuana abuse occurs when addiction forms. This type of substance abuse can carry negative consequences, including disease development and overdose […]

Understanding Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression, more formally called seasonal affective disorder, is a true type of depression that should not be ignored. It tends to occur when a person feels significant and prolonged […]

Ways to Enjoy a Sober New Year

Can you have a sober New Year and still enjoy yourself? The answer to that question is yes. If you are in recovery from alcohol abuse, New Year’s Eve can […]

Benefits of Equine Therapy

When it comes to finding an alternative therapy for drug and alcohol addiction or mental health disorders, think horses. The benefits of equine therapy are well respected for all aspects […]

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine is one of the most powerful drugs you may take. It often leads to substance abuse in those who consume it even for a short amount of time. With […]

Benefits of Holistic Treatment

Holistic therapy may seem like a new and innovative therapy option. Yet, healing the whole body is something that’s always been important in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The benefits […]

Mental Health and Thanksgiving

When it comes to mental health and Thanksgiving, you may be worried. For many people, addiction and mental health disorders can make holidays like this very challenging. People come together […]

Benefits of Medical Detox

Investing in your future is critical. You may be using drugs or alcohol now and struggling to stop on your own. That’s not your fault. Many people using drugs develop […]

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Do you use drugs or alcohol at work? Do you need to smoke something or take some pills before starting your day? You may have a stash of alcohol in […]

How Dangerous is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Alcohol addiction is more common than many people believe. Sometimes, people struggle to recognize their addiction because they are still engaging in day-to-day life and going to work or school. […]

Benefits of Making Friends in Recovery

Are you in therapy for drug and alcohol addiction? Perhaps you are working on your mental health. In all situations, it is likely that you will participate in support groups […]

Confronting a Functioning Alcoholic

Alcohol abuse comes in many forms. Some people use alcohol and struggle with accomplishing anything when they do. For many other people, they can still maintain a job or meet […]

7 Ways to Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is a way that our bodies attempt to deal with stress. In a healthy person, anxiety occurs when there is a real risk, and an individual needs to take […]

5 Signs of Codependency

Drug and alcohol addiction, as well as mental health disorders, change relationships. In many situations, codependency occurs. This is a condition in which a person becomes “addicted” to a relationship […]

Signs of a Drug Overdose

A drug overdose can be a fatal condition. If you suspect it at all for yourself or your loved one, call emergency medical support through 911 right now. If you […]

The Dangers of Doctor Shopping

When a person develops an addiction, they may become so dependent on the drugs that they will do everything they can to get them. That includes doctor shopping. If you […]

Elderly Alcohol Abuse

Do you have a parent that seems to drink a lot of alcohol? Perhaps during retirement it seemed normal for that parent to have enjoyed a few extra beers from […]

5 Common Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a component of everyday life. Most people feel anxious before a big speech or when they have to talk to their boss. For other people, anxiety becomes a […]

Observing World Mental Health Day

How much value do you put on mental illness and its impact on your overall wellbeing? World Mental Health Day is a good time to take a step back and […]

Signs of Major Depression

Most people feel sad from time to time. Most of the time, it is brought on by something we experience. It fades away as time goes by. For others, it […]

Anxiety In Young Adults

Anxiety is a very common emotion. In many ways, it is a healthy one, especially when it can help you to be apprehensive about a potentially risky situation. For other […]

Mental Illness Awareness Week

During Mental Illness Awareness Week, the goal is to open up the conversation and talk about this very real, debilitating set of conditions. If you are like many people who […]

Relapse Prevention Techniques

In treatment for addiction issues, many patients benefit from learning about relapse prevention techniques. These are extremely important because they provide you with the tools and coping skills you need […]

What is Biofeedback?

If you’ve heard about biofeedback but are not sure what it is or what it does, you’re not alone. You might also be wondering how it can help you with […]

Understanding PTSD and Addiction

Admitting that you need help for an addiction is not always easy. It can be even more difficult when there are underlying mental health issues that may have caused or […]

Adderall Addiction in Young Adults

While addiction issues can happen at any age, there’s a specific risk to consider when it comes to Adderall addiction and young adults. That’s because more young people are prescribed […]

Five Benefits of Extended Care Rehab

The benefits of extended care rehab are very important, especially if you’ve struggled with recovery in the past or have relapsed. We know it’s not always easy to stay in […]

Get Involved with National Recovery Month

During National Recovery Month, there are many ways you can celebrate your health and happiness. If you’re struggling with addiction, though, the best thing you can do for yourself is […]

Is Gender-Specific Treatment Right for You?

Not everyone does well in a mixed-gender treatment setting. Some people are much more comfortable working and interacting with only people of their same gender, especially if they’ve had traumatic […]

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction is Available

If you need treatment for alcohol addiction, you’ve come to the right place. At Serenity Light Recovery, we understand that battling addiction isn’t easy. But we also know that it’s […]

Get Help for an Alcohol Addiction in Texas

There are a lot of issues that can come up in a person’s life and make things more difficult for them. Substance abuse problems are among the biggest issues for […]

Do You Need Rehab Facilities in Texas?

When you’re looking for rehab facilities in Texas, you may not be sure where to turn. At Serenity Light Recovery, we can give you the kind of support that’s going […]

Connections Between Drinking and Social Media

Social media is almost unavoidable in today’s culture. Billions of people are multiple social media platforms, using them as a way to stay in touch with distant friends and stay […]

The Dangers of Mixing Substances

Polydrug use is a type of addictive behavior in which a person mixes two drugs together and uses them at the same time. The dangers of mixing substances like this […]

The Influence of Alcohol on Anxiety

People who drink alcohol may be drinking for a lot of different reasons, and one of those reasons can be an effort to reduce the level of anxiety they feel […]

Benefits of Stress Management

There are a lot of ways to feel better about life, and one of those is through the use of stress management. At Serenity Light Recovery, we know that too much […]

Is My Loved One an Alcoholic?

If you’re asking yourself, is my loved one an alcoholic, you probably already suspect that they might be struggling with addiction issues. While that’s an upsetting realization for most people, there’s […]

What Is Trauma Informed Care?

When you’re facing an addiction issue, there’s often a reason behind it. Some people end up with addiction problems due to prescribed medications, for example. But in other cases, the […]

How Alcohol and Depression Are Related

The relationship between alcohol and depression is an important one, and unfortunately a common one, as well. But that doesn’t have to be your future. At Serenity Light Recovery, we’re focused on […]

Tips for Staying Sober

Completing a stay in rehab is a monumental step for those working to overcome addiction. However, trying to stay on the right path is often difficult. How do you go […]

Tips for Reducing Stress at Work

Even the best jobs come with their own kind of stress. It could be related to trying to meet a deadline for a project or dealing with an employee leaving […]

Signs of an Anxiety Attack

Anxiety is a healthy reaction people experience when they feel they are facing a threat. However, sometimes the reaction is out of proportion to the situation at hand. If you […]

How To Do An Intervention

When a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, it affects many other people who are in their life. Sometimes, even though they want to make changes, a simple […]

How Art Therapy Helps?

Many people struggling with addiction and mental health problems have problems expressing their inner thoughts. Understanding the thought processes driving their issues is necessary to chart the best course of […]

What Is SMART Recovery?

Participation in some form of support network is essential to recovery. While programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are the two that often come to mind, there […]

Getting Help for Depression

It’s common for people to experience bouts of sadness at some point in life. However, depression is more than just feeling sad. It is an illness that should be treated […]

Benefits of Fitness Therapy

The early stages of recovery can be a challenging experience. You are trying to navigate a life free of addiction while avoiding your old triggers. To aid in this effort, […]

Dealing with Childhood Trauma

The things we witness or experience as a child often affect us as adults. Some people end up becoming more driven as a way of coping with their issues. Others […]

Nutrition and Recovery

Substance abuse takes a considerable toll on a person’s physical and mental health. While the effects of addiction vary from person to person, many experience issues with normal body functions. […]

Benefiting From Individualized Care

Are you struggling with substance abuse? Have you attempted to kick the habit on your own with little success? Have you joined a support group or group therapy with marginal […]

Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment

Are you suffering from drug or alcohol abuse? Is it controlling your life to the point you cannot function normally? If so, you may require partial hospitalization for addiction treatment. Though […]

How to Stop Drug Abuse

Are you struggling with substance abuse? Have you wondered whether it’s possible to conquer your addiction on your own? If so, here’s what you should know: According to the medical […]

Will I Need Extended Rehab Care?

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and thinking about entering a professional treatment setting, you’ve probably wondered: “Will I need extended rehab care?” Though your individual treatment program […]

Do I Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

A staggering number of people live with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. In the United States, experts estimate that approximately 9.2 million people struggle with these conditions at […]

Who Needs Drug Detox Programs?

If you struggle with substance abuse and long to quit, you’ve probably wondered whether your problem is severe enough that you need a medical detox program. When it comes to […]

Why Do I Need Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

Though alcohol may be legal, it’s one of the most highly abused substances in the United States. And unfortunately, many people who abuse alcohol end up destroying their own lives, […]

Find Mental Health Help and Safety in Rehab

Men and women with mental health disorders often require one-on-one support from a therapist. This is especially true if you are using drugs and alcohol as a way to cope […]

What Is an Addiction Specialist?

Addiction is a disease. And no, that’s not an exaggeration — it’s a medical fact. The medical community regards addiction as a complex disease that can be very difficult to […]

Alcoholism and the Stock Market Decline

Watching the stock market day in and day out can be extremely stressful. This can be especially true when your life savings relies on stock market performance. The stress of […]