Getting Help With Social Anxiety

Mental health and substance use are often linked. People who struggle with anxiety or depression may self-medicate to alleviate symptoms. It is estimated that 34% of the population will suffer […]

Meth and Mental Health Disorders

Meth, short for methamphetamine, is a central nervous system stimulant with a high risk of addiction. In addition to the extremely severe side effects and health concerns associated with meth […]

Using Psychotherapy to Battle Depression

Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by deep sadness and feelings of hopelessness. It has numerous causes, and sometimes medications are a necessary step in treatment. However, psychotherapy and […]

Benefits of Getting Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma therapy is critical for men and women battling a painful past. When the brain doesn’t deal with trauma but tucks it away, that trauma comes back throughout their lifetime. […]

How Does the Cycle of Addiction Work?

Why is it that many people who abuse drugs or alcohol seem to be stuck in a continuous cycle of addiction? Why do some people relapse even after long periods […]

Can I Quit Heroin Cold Turkey?

If you’re struggling with heroin addiction, quitting cold turkey can be a tempting option. You might be ready to make a change in your life, and giving up the drug […]

5 Reasons to Attend Talk Therapy

Many people have a difficult time deciding whether or not to try therapy. Decades of societal stigma have made some believe that needing therapy is a sign of weakness, and while that […]

Common Depressive Disorders

If you feel sad or depressed, you’re not alone. Depression is more common than you might think. Many of those who struggle with depression never seek treatment and might not […]

The Benefits of Fitness Therapy for Addiction

Few people think of participating in fitness therapy when enrolling in a treatment program for drug or alcohol abuse. You might imagine that you’ll spend all of your time in […]

Major Depressive Disorder

If you are struggling with feelings of sadness, apathy, or hopelessness, you aren’t alone. Major depressive disorders affect more than three million people in the United States each year. However, […]

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

One of the most common reasons for drug and alcohol abuse is an inability to manage stress and negative feelings in a healthy way. Some people simply have a more […]

Is Faith-Based Treatment Right for You?

When you decide to enter addiction treatment, there are many decisions to make. One of these decisions is whether to choose a faith-based treatment program. Faith-based programs are designed to help […]

How Addiction Affects Families

When it comes to addiction and family dynamics, there is no doubt drug use can impact every person in a household. Most often, a person using drugs doesn’t recognize this […]

Why a Personalized Treatment Plan Matters

As you explore how to get help for drug or alcohol addiction, there are many things you have to think about before making a decision. One of them is whether […]

Understanding Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression, more formally called seasonal affective disorder, is a true type of depression that should not be ignored. It tends to occur when a person feels significant and prolonged […]

Ways to Enjoy a Sober New Year

Can you have a sober New Year and still enjoy yourself? The answer to that question is yes. If you are in recovery from alcohol abuse, New Year’s Eve can […]

Benefits of Equine Therapy

When it comes to finding an alternative therapy for drug and alcohol addiction or mental health disorders, think horses. The benefits of equine therapy are well respected for all aspects […]

Life After Rehab

What is life after rehab like? This is one of the most common questions people who are thinking about getting care or those who are in therapy wonder. Will they […]

Benefits of Making Friends in Recovery

Are you in therapy for drug and alcohol addiction? Perhaps you are working on your mental health. In all situations, it is likely that you will participate in support groups […]

7 Ways to Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is a way that our bodies attempt to deal with stress. In a healthy person, anxiety occurs when there is a real risk, and an individual needs to take […]

What is Narcotics Anonymous?

Are you using drugs often? You may have an addiction. Overcoming that addiction takes time and consistently working towards forgiveness, self-confidence, and health. Some people choose to do this through […]

Identifying Addiction Relapse Triggers

Relapse is a high risk for all people with addiction. No matter how prepared you are for what’s to come after you leave treatment, it can be very difficult for […]

Anxiety In Young Adults

Anxiety is a very common emotion. In many ways, it is a healthy one, especially when it can help you to be apprehensive about a potentially risky situation. For other […]

Mental Illness Awareness Week

During Mental Illness Awareness Week, the goal is to open up the conversation and talk about this very real, debilitating set of conditions. If you are like many people who […]

Dangerous Side Effects of Fentanyl

There are many dangerous drugs available today, and many of them are given as prescriptions by doctors who at one point did not realize how easily a patient could become […]

What is Biofeedback?

If you’ve heard about biofeedback but are not sure what it is or what it does, you’re not alone. You might also be wondering how it can help you with […]

Benefits of Stress Management

There are a lot of ways to feel better about life, and one of those is through the use of stress management. At Serenity Light Recovery, we know that too much […]

What Is Trauma Informed Care?

When you’re facing an addiction issue, there’s often a reason behind it. Some people end up with addiction problems due to prescribed medications, for example. But in other cases, the […]

Tips for Staying Sober

Completing a stay in rehab is a monumental step for those working to overcome addiction. However, trying to stay on the right path is often difficult. How do you go […]

Tips for Reducing Stress at Work

Even the best jobs come with their own kind of stress. It could be related to trying to meet a deadline for a project or dealing with an employee leaving […]

Signs of an Anxiety Attack

Anxiety is a healthy reaction people experience when they feel they are facing a threat. However, sometimes the reaction is out of proportion to the situation at hand. If you […]

How To Do An Intervention

When a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, it affects many other people who are in their life. Sometimes, even though they want to make changes, a simple […]

How Art Therapy Helps?

Many people struggling with addiction and mental health problems have problems expressing their inner thoughts. Understanding the thought processes driving their issues is necessary to chart the best course of […]

What Is TMS Therapy?

Mental health professionals typically start treating those suffering from mood disorders like major depression with psychotherapy and antidepressants. However, some people do not respond to these more traditional forms of […]

Benefits of Fitness Therapy

The early stages of recovery can be a challenging experience. You are trying to navigate a life free of addiction while avoiding your old triggers. To aid in this effort, […]

Dealing with Childhood Trauma

The things we witness or experience as a child often affect us as adults. Some people end up becoming more driven as a way of coping with their issues. Others […]

Can Mindfulness Meditation Work For Addiction

Approximately half of the people who enter into addiction treatment for substance abuse disorder end up falling into relapse within a year. According to the medical community, addiction is literally […]

What Is an Addiction Specialist?

Addiction is a disease. And no, that’s not an exaggeration — it’s a medical fact. The medical community regards addiction as a complex disease that can be very difficult to […]

How Long Is Inpatient Drug Rehab

Answering the question of how long is inpatient drug rehab is as complex as the disease of substance use disorder itself. Just like no two people have the exact same circumstances and […]

Benefits of EMDR for Addiction Treatment

Many unique treatment methods can help people who struggle with addiction. One that doesn’t get a lot of time in the spotlight is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). However, […]

The Role of Biofeedback in Addiction Recovery

Biofeedback is a method of therapy that instructs people to pay close attention to the functions of their body while seeking treatment. The goal is to assert control over the […]

The Best Evidence-Based Practice Options

Getting the most comprehensive care you need for a substance abuse problem starts with evidence-based practice. What does this type of treatment protocol look like? How do addiction specialists administer […]

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a program that teaches mindfulness to help deal with stress, illness, and daily life. It is a simple process that teaches practitioners to be […]

Benefiting from Support Groups

Detox and rehab prepare you for long-term recovery. In many ways, it’s a new lifestyle. Support groups are a vibrant part of this routine. What goes on in these meetings? […]

The Need for Houston Recovery Centers

You hear that drug recovery centers are essential throughout the country. However, you might not fully grasp the need for addiction rehab in Texas. Drug statistics and learning how drugs […]

The Importance of Detox Centers in Houston

Opioid addiction has become a significant concern in the United States. That’s not to say that cocaine, ecstasy, meth, and other addictions are no less concerning. However, not everyone fully […]

Searching Through Rehab Centers in Houston

Substance use disorder is a terrible condition that requires professional treatment. Luckily, you can choose from many of the best rehab centers in Houston. However, you might feel overwhelmed at […]

Finding Self-Love In Recovery

Nurturing and finding self-love is vitally important during addiction recovery. Because addiction can leave you with feelings of low self-worth and low self-esteem, this is especially true. Moreover, self-love can […]

What Are The Benefits of Group Therapy

Participating in group therapy can be quite intimidating, but it also has many benefits. It can give you a sense of belonging and give you the chance to talk to […]

Types Of Triggers For Relapse Prevention

As clients continue along their path to sobriety with Serenity Light Recovery, they must learn to recognize triggers. Nearly anything can be a trigger: a situation, a location, a person, […]

Massage and Addiction Recovery

We at Serenity Light Recovery utilize a variety of techniques in our residential treatment program helping heal the whole individual from addiction. One such technique we use is massage therapy, […]

Higher Power Yoga Therapy

Here at Serenity Light Recovery, we offer multiple fresh and alternative forms of therapy. From traditional group therapy to alternative therapies like equine therapy, we provide clients with the options […]

Common Mental Health Disorders

Anxiety disorders are some of the most common mental health disorders. While everyone worries from time to time, anxiety disorders are different. These common mental health disorders cause anxiety that […]

Here’s How to Choose a Rehab Center

When you’ve determined that it’s time to get help for your addiction, you might wonder how to choose a rehab center. This is a legitimate thing to be curious about, […]

Therapist vs Psychologist

Seeking help is one of the initial steps to recovery. However, should you choose a therapist, psychologist, or both? We will discuss the difference between a therapist vs psychologist below. […]

What is Polysubstance Abuse?

Polysubstance abuse normally involves the use of multiple drugs and whether in conjunction with or without prescription medicine for nonmedical purposes. It is an extension of polydrug usage, which refers […]

Side Effects of Adderall Abuse

Adderall is a combination of medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, but it does come with some side effects of Adderall abuse. This drug works by […]

Signs Of Crack Addiction

Overcoming addiction is a journey. Addiction does not happen overnight. It is something that develops gradually. Getting over the addiction is also achieved gradually, and with a lot of determination. […]

Therapy For Drug Addiction

Are you dealing with drug addiction? Do you feel trapped in drugs and feel like it has ruined your life? Most people are silently dealing with drug addiction, or have […]

What is Therapeutic Recreation?

What is therapeutic recreation? Therapeutic recreation or recreational therapy is a process that makes use of active interventions to tackle certain needs of unwell individuals. On the same note, it […]

What Are the Most Abused Prescription Drugs?

In the United States, drug addiction is at epidemic levels. Approximately 70,000 Americans die every year from drug overdoses. Many of the drug overdoses are from prescription medications. People may […]

International Overdose Awareness Day

Recognized in over 40 countries, international overdose awareness day was first initiated in Australia by SJ Finn in 2001. It was during a needle program that operated out of the […]

Hydrocodone Vs Oxycodone

Hydrocodone and oxycodone are prescription narcotic medications. They are both used to treat moderate to severe pain after a surgery, injury, or the pain from disease. Let’s look at hydrocodone […]

How To Overcome Addiction

Overcoming addiction is a lifelong journey. Drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t happen in a moment of time, and it’s not something that disappears in a moment of time. Although you […]

Sober Fourth Of July

Holidays are often a difficult time for those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. The party atmosphere of many holiday gatherings encourages drug or alcohol use, which can be tempting […]

National PTSD Awareness Day

June 27 is national PTSD Awareness Day. It’s a common misconception that this condition primarily affects veterans. In reality, it can happen to anyone who experienced or saw a traumatic […]

Is Cocaine Addictive?

What’s wrong with a few snorts of cocaine? It gives you energy, a high, and allows for a good time – or does it? Is cocaine addictive? How does it […]

Mental Health Awareness Month

In 1949, a movement started across the United States to help people recognize mental health problems in themselves and their loved ones. This movement is still going strong as Mental […]

Why Treatment Over the Holidays is a Good Idea

From Sarah Bolton, Business Development— As a woman in long-term recovery from alcoholism, I can share with you from firsthand perspective addicts are full of excuses. I’m talking, compelling, creative, […]